Play piano with me in real time – Introducing the piano play along sessions

Starting to play the piano is often confusing.

There are so many different methods, techniques and styles to absorb out there.

There is a danger to this. You could lose that spark… that passion you have for the piano. All these different things add up until you feel like you are at the base of a huge mountain looking up. Overwhelmed.

Learning the piano doesn’t have to be overwhelming

It all boils down to one simple thing…

The most important thing you can do right now is to sit in front of that piano and just play it.

Don’t get overwhelmed with too many things from the beginning. For example, music theory… having perfect technique…

This can lead to analysis paralysis. In other words, you end up constantly thinking instead of doing.

They are all super important…. eventually. Don’t worry about everything right from the start.


Simple melodic piano exercises using my piano play along sessions

I’ve started a series of play along sessions designed from the ground up.

You can get the video’s up on your ipad or your phone and play the piano along with the video in real time.

Like I am there with you. helping you and guiding you. From start to finish.

These exercises aren’t just any normal piano exercise though…

Why practice piano finger exercises which train muscle memory alone?

Every exercise in these videos will have a goal in mind. They will feed into each other to create a foundation of phrases or things you can play. When played in certain combinations these will create pieces of music.

In other words, each  finger exercise is a brick which builds a house of actual music.

So with these piano exercises, you are always working towards being able to sit and play music on the piano.

And I will show you how…

What will you get out of these play along sessions

  • Core piano techniques
  • fun and melodic things you can enjoy playing
  • A foundation of phrases you can build actual music out of
  • A practical starting point if you haven’t played piano before


So check out the first of these sessions below.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you are diggin’ the sessions. Are they too fast or too slow? Too hard or too easy?

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  1. Faye on July 26, 2018 at 9:04 pm

    I love your lesson.. its my first time. Will be looking for mor3. The pace was just right. Thank you.

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