What are the piano key notes? A simple ‘5 minute’ exercise I show my students

So you want to start playing the piano.

Often, my beginner students arrive with a dream of what they want to play. Ludavico Einaudi is a popular one.

It can seem a little frustrating at first as you know where you want to be, but can’t quite work out your first few steps. You just want to get started.

First things first. What are the notes on the piano?

I’ve been teaching the piano for over 10 years and I can tell you right now… If you don’t know where the notes are on the piano, its like trying to form sentences without knowing any words.

No matter what your end goals are, this is where you start.

Think of it as learning the language of the piano. To speak the language, we need to know how we use letters to describe the piano keys.

Feel them. Internalise them. Understand them.

The exercise I am about to show you ‘downloads’ the language of the piano into your mind FAST. The piano keys will become second nature within five minutes.

I usually show this exercise to my students on their first lesson. Without fail, next time I see them, they know every note. Every piano key.

Here is what you’ll get from the video.

  • Know every single note on the piano
  • Form patterns in your mind to instantly recognise the notes
  • A simple exercise you can repeat and adapt to your ability
  • A clear starting point to progress forward on your piano journey

Check out the video below.


I have put together an aid sheet for you to go with the video. Its chock full of handy diagrams. As an added bonus it goes a little more in depth on theory. All I ask for is your email address.


Print it off and stick it up on your piano, or get it up on your ipad.


These video’s do take time and effort to produce. If you enjoyed the video and got something out of it I have a favour to ask… Please send this post to three people you know who would benefit from it. I would really appreciate it. In fact, I would give you a big hug if I could! 🙂

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