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After 20+ years teaching millions of aspiring pianists on YouTube,
I’m revealing some of my best-kept piano secrets so you can finally…

Discover The Simple, “Step-By-Step”
Roadmap Almost Any Pianist Can Follow To

Make Boogie Woogie a Breeze!

Whether you struggle with hand coordination, speeding up your tempo, or lack confidence at the keyboard... now you can enjoy the rush and freedom of playing Boogie Woogie—even if you’re a total beginner.

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“I can't stop smiling!”

“I can’t believe it.. absolute beginner with piano and today I managed the left hand and right hand riff together without any mistakes! Yeaaa I can’t stop smiling! Many many thanks Josef. S:-)”
- Sheila

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“Getting better with my hand coordination”

This course has been a big help for me in not only learning the beginning of boogie woogie playing but getting better with my hand coordination. The lessons give me just enough material and exercises to practice each day.
- Richard

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“I certainly surprised myself here!”

“I certainly surprised myself here! I managed to get both hands going with some slowed down boogie rhythm. The two hand coordination does not come instantly but it is very satisfying when it does.”
- Annali


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“I Never Thought Boogie Woogie Piano Was for Beginners—
Until My Students Proved Me Wrong!”

From: Josef Sykora
Where: West Yorkshire, UK

Dear Creative,

Playing “Boogie Woogie” piano sounds a bit intimidating, doesn’t it?

It sounds fast

It sounds complicated

It sounds way beyond what most aspiring pianists consider “doable.”

And yet, it also sounds like a lot of fun.

“Well, maybe someday,” you shrug… “If I ever get good enough.”

Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a traditional piano teacher allowing beginners to try Boogie Woogie.


It’s kinda like those news stories you see…

And the truth is, I used to think the same way.


One day while teaching a student who… like most beginners… struggled to get her hands to work together in a smooth, coordinated way… 

I wondered how I could help her solve this frustration faster, because I didn’t want her to end up like so many others who quit piano before they made much progress.

I’d recently been playing some Boogie Woogie myself, which sparked a little brainwave.

Realizing that my own hand coordination had improved while sinking my fingers into those fun Boogie Woogie riffs and rhythms, I wondered...

“Could a little Boogie Woogie
fix some things for my students?”

So, I showed my student a couple of little Boogie Woogie techniques, asked her to practice them, and to come back the next week and see how she was doing.

When she returned, her hand coordination was noticeably better. Nothing miraculous, but clearly improved.

“Hmm, maybe it’s just a fluke?” I thought.

But it wasn’t.

All the pieces she’d been working on were improved beyond what I’d expected with just one week of practice.

And it wasn’t just her. She was only the first.

So, I showed my student a couple of little Boogie Woogie techniques, asked her to practice them, and to come back the next week and see how she was doing.

When she returned, her hand coordination was noticeably better. Nothing miraculous, but clearly improved.

“Hmm, maybe it’s just a fluke?” I thought.

But it wasn’t.

All the pieces she’d been working on were improved beyond what I’d expected with just one week of practice.

And it wasn’t just her. She was only the first.

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"It's almost a miracle!"

"As an elderly absolute beginner, your Boogie Woogie course has given me confidence and huge enjoyment.

Now I'm hooked, where before, Prioritizing practice in a busy working day was a bit of a chore. My fingers are getting stronger, the patterns are jelling. It's almost a miracle! I love your life-changing skill, savvy, energy, and enthusiasm!"
- Barbara 

It was probably the biggest breakthrough
I’ve ever had in piano teaching!
  • Hand coordination frustration…
  • A crippling lack of confidence at the keyboard…
  • Actually sounding really GOOD almost right away!
  • A clear and concise path to playing amazing music by focusing on one thing at a time, like laying bricks one at a time to build your Boogie Woogie castle.
  • Getting that natural sense of rhythm and musical feeling into your bones so musicality just drips from everything you play.

How do these things help you overcome the BIG Boogie Woogie problems?

Partly because it’s just so much fun to play… and you stick with it longer because it’s so fun.

But it’s also because the specific patterns your hands use to play Boogie Woogie just work really well, regardless of age or level of experience.

The REAL problem that holds back so many from learning Boogie Woogie is… 

There’s no simple path for beginners to get on the boogie
train and ACTUALLY make progress. UNTIL NOW!
man in piano

That’s because teachers don’t break down the Boogie Woogie style for their students. 

Boogie Woogie is usually taught by rote learning… “do as I’m doing” kind of thing. 

But that makes a beginner’s chances go down the drain in a hurry.

Good luck keeping up with those fast and furious fingers when you’re starting down the Boogie Woogie rabbit hole.

When I teach Boogie Woogie, I break it down to the core elements.

We go through them bit by little bit.

I don’t throw you in the deep end to see if you can swim. I give you one tool, then the next, and the next, and so on.

And at each step, you feel great playing what you’re learning. And you start to hear your progress right away.

This “Simplification” method is a world apart from the traditional “throw them off the cliff to see if they can fly” approach.

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"I've just started piano this week and already I can play!"

"Loved the fact that the course taught me a skill and then enhanced it more the following day rather than learning something and forgetting it.

It also set me realistic achievable goals rather than frustrating me and making me give up early like other courses I tried.

I've just started piano this week and already I am on the way to knowing a tune I can play all the way through!"
- Danny

When I saw my students start boogying MUCH faster using
this “simplification” method, I knew I was on to something!

And as soon as you discover this “simple” 4-phase formula that creates—what I call—The Path to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery

You too will start laying the foundation and training your fingers and brain to play full-on, PROPER Boogie Woogie—even if you’re a beginner or intermediate pianist. 

Ignore everything you’ve ever heard from traditional piano teachers.

Just pretend like they never taught you any of those old, stuffy, boring-as-hell piano methods. They’ll only slow you down.

But before I run away with excitement here… I wanna make sure I’m not steering you in the wrong direction.

I’m not gonna lie to you. The truth is…

It’s NOT Going To Happen Overnight.
It’s Going to Take Quite A Bit of Work.

Because there are a lot of things to learn. But you’re going to have a BLAST along the way.

If you stick with these step-by-step exercises, you’re surely going to get to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery. 

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"I have thoroughly enjoyed this Boogie Woogie course!"

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this Boogie Woogie course! Ever since I was a child, I wanted to learn to play the piano, but never had the opportunity.

I am now 69 years old. I saw your course on Facebook and was eager to try to learn how to better coordinate my left and right hands.

This course has been great exercise. Although I'm not quite up to speed yet, I am really enjoying trying and have been practicing a lot more. Thank you very much for offering this course."

- Donna

One of the great things about Boogie Woogie is… as long as you stick within the forgiving lines of the riffs and scales, I’ll show you… There’s no right or wrong.

Anything goes, really. And soon, you’ll be mixing all these techniques and riffs together, having a grand ol’ time playing music your friends and family love hearing.

I’ve packaged up all the surprising and incredibly effective techniques my beginner and intermediate students have been using to become Boogie Woogie Badasses. 

Everything you need to get started is right here on this page.

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The 4-Phase Formula Transforming You
from Zero, Into Boogie Woogie HERO!
Bad-Assery Mockup Products Main 2 (1)


Okay, our engine is revving… Let the 4-phase Boogie Woogie journey… BEGIN!

On your magical journey through The Path to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery course…

I’m NOT just gonna teach you Boogie Woogie piano... I’m gonna teach you to be a creative Boogie Woogie musician.

And you won’t be alone on this journey. I’ll be with you at every twist and turn.

So strap in. Here's your 4-phase journey to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery...

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"Brilliant lessons!"

"This has been such a brilliant set of lessons for me, which I feel have really paid off. It's made me focus on a particular task for a few days, slowing everything down, remembering to breathe, and having the 10-second breaks in between.

Also, I'm really finding that the gaps in my precision are gradually closing! 

Thank you gain so much for these lessons!"
- Rosi

bw 1 (1)
The of Your Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery Journey
PHASE #1 Getting Started

Throughout the 4 Phases, you’ll go on a journey of tackling each and every one of the issues standing in your way of free-flowing, wonderfully fun Boogie Woogie.

I’m going to take you by the hand and walk you through my solution to every one of the problems you’ve experienced, or may experience in Boogie Woogie. Each phase will be a revelation for you and is divided into multiple modules and lessons.

You’ll begin in Phase 1 by building and firming up the fundamentals of this style of playing. And you’re going to lay down the foundation of your Boogie Woogie by learning to play a real piece straight away.

You will even learn (and use) the two most valuable techniques in all of boogie woogie straight away. And feel what its like to creatively 'jigsaw' together your very own piece of music.

Module 1
Building Fundamentals Through Your First Boogie Licks
SPBW Mod 01

We’ll kick things off by looking at some fundamental and foundational blues and boogie-woogie skills through the lens of a great piece of music you can be proud to play.

Further Study 1
The Blues & Boogie Woogie

Getting a solid grasp of “turnarounds” will help you gain even more confidence in your playing early on. In this extra lesson, you’ll get everything you need to get good at turnarounds.

Further Study 1
Expanding The Left Hand
Boogie Woogie Shuffle

We’ll use some new positions for the Boogie shuffle to mix and match and create more variety to your playing.

During Phase 1 you’ll discover…

  • The “pull-back” and “drop” technique that gives Boogie Woogie melodies that wonderful bluesy feel. Though this technique sounds complicated to the ear, it’s actually just a matter of one simple hand motion any pianist can achieve, even if your hands are riddled with arthritis.
  • How to get 4 times the amount of bluesy riffs using just ONE boogie hand position. This is a great stepping-stone to the full-on Boogie you’ll achieve in the coming modules.
  • Why you don’t have to move your left hand at all to play your first complete Boogie pattern. In fact, you’ll only need 3 left-hand fingers to get both hands working together.
  • How Boogie Woogie riffs boost your sustain pedal proficiency. There’s less margin for pedal error in this style, but as soon as you get it in the first little riff, you’ll have what you need to use the pedal throughout all types of Boogie Woogie.
  • The “lazy thumb” technique to make your riffs sound more natural and sophisticated. As an added benefit, you’ll overcome the LOST feeling many Boogie beginners struggle to overcome.
  • The 2-finger shuffle secret. Any beginner can rock this simple Boogie pattern in minutes.
  • A left-hand cheat code to help you nail the traditional Boogie Woogie feel. You’ll know you’re doing it right when it sounds nice and choppy.
  • The secret to turning slow blues into fast Boogie Woogie without having to learn a single new technique, trick, or lick. Nothing gets your friend’s feet suddenly tapping to your beat quite like this.
  • How this simple “turnaround” technique gives each phrase a sense of completion. It’s a delicious “opposites-attract” effect syncing up your hands in solid coordination.

Now we have locked in our first Boogie Woogie piece, learnt some great fundamentals and we are sounding fantastic… Lets turn your first boogie piece up a notch with some nice turnaround options.

Lets expand that left hand chop just a touch to unlock a whole new sound. In this lesson, I’ll show you just one extra position that unlocks a particularly bluesy style of playing perfect to whip out anytime, anyplace. 

PHASE #2 Train Your Boogie Brain

Now it’s time to tackle all those problems and frustrations you’ve had so far. Perhaps you’ve dreamt of playing Boogie Woogie in the past, and even tried to learn it, but had to give up because those hands just wouldn't behave.

In Phase 2 we will re-wire your boogie woogie brain and tackle each and every one of those common problems and frustrations holding you back from playing natural, exciting Boogie Woogie. 

It’s about making that foundation even stronger, planting the Boogie flag, and building boogie robustness. 

We want to truly lock down your hand coordination so your left and right hand behave exactly as you need them to. We will instill a natural sense of rhythm and timing which is essential for that authentic boogie woogie sound. We will also tickle your improvisational skills in a controlled way to engage with that boogie musician within. 

Module 2
The Blues Scale and Getting That Boogie Woogie Rhythm
SPBW Mod 02

Our main task now is to learn our first 'proper' riff, introduce your fingers to the blues scale and develop looseness, rhythm and feel for the Boogie Woogie.

Solidifying Your Skills Through 20 Step-By-Step Riffs
SPBW Masterclass

Struggling with coordination or getting that boogie woogie feel and technique? Here is a super broken down, step by step process you can follow to get up to speed!

Module 3
Training the Boogie Woogie Brain
SPBW Mod 03

This module is all about training the boogie-woogie brain. I want to guide you through the steps we need to get the blues scale onto the tips of the fingers and begin the journey of improvisation.

During Phase 2 you’ll discover…
  • The single Boogie Woogie pattern that allows you to just sit, play, and lighten up the room with fun. This right-hand riff is the glue holding together all the techniques you’ve learned to this point. It’s so irresistible it might even bring out new Boogie Woogie facial expressions you didn’t know your face could make. At least, that’s what happens to me. 🙂
  • A simple expansion of your Boogie Woogie riff, turning it into a full-on Blues scale. All you need is a little sweep of your right thumb to nail it.

  • 5 boring right-hand exercises that really lock down the blues in your muscle memory, making your Boogie Woogie stronger than ever. They sound a little dry at first, but when you get these in your fingers, you’ll keep better time with the left hand and feel confident letting that right hand go wherever it wants to go. 
  • Creating your own riffs and combinations. This “creativity” exercise works wonders for your confidence at the keyboard.
  • The “loosey-goosey” secret to making your rhythm rock-solid. Now, even when you improvise, you’ll project incredible confidence.
  • 20 new “step-by-step” exercises to sprinkle additional Boogie Woogie bad-assery onto your new piano chops. These 20 small exercises will beef up your hand coordination even further. No traditional, old-school piano method can help you develop coordination as solid as these.
  • The 2 “bridge-the-gap” notes Boogie Woogie masters use to make traditional Boogie scales more sophisticated. These extra notes actually make the Boogie scale a little easier to play while simultaneously intensifying the “Boogie” feel in your fingers. 
  • The Fats Domino “chunky” technique that’ll fatten up your sound in a flash. This tiny little stacking of right hand notes adds flare almost effortlessly, which is why pianists like Fats Domino and others of his generation loved it so much.
  • A rhythmic step BACK to propel your Boogie Woogie FORWARD. This little rhythm stutter adds layers of interest to each riff.

By the end of module 2 you will now be familiar with the blues scale. However there may be some lingering struggles like hand coordination or nailing down this or that rhythm. In this masterclass I walk you through 20 step by step riffs that each follow minutely on from the last so that each time you move on you will find it manageable nd stress-free.By the end you will have more confidence and have a good number of solid riffs locked in.

PHASE #3 Proper Boogie Woogie

Phase 3 is all about that authentic Boogie Woogie sound. That sound you hear from the best Boogie Woogie pianists like Jools Holland, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dr. John, and many others.

There’s a secret to this sound. And the good news is, we can now start using these secrets to get you sounding like one of the pros.

You’ll unlock all the right-hand positions to get you flying up and down those keys. And you’ll conquer the “big 3” … how to start your Boogie Woogie properly, how to end your boogie smoothly, and how to make the all-important Boogie Woogie turnaround.

Phase 3 covers Modules 4 through 6. We’ll also take a small detour through an optional side project to loosen your fingers further so you can begin improvising with confidence.

Module 4
Turning Pro: Getting That Authentic Boogie Woogie Sound
SPBW Mod 04

Now we’ll open up so many more possibilities. You’ll get comfortable with all 3 hand positions, we’ll build your sponteniety, and unlock extended positions.

Optional Side-Project
Making Solid Deposits Into the Improvisation Bank
SPBW Side Project

Take some time off from the regular modules to develop a sense of improvisation. You’ll get an improvisation framework and several exercises to loosen you up and get feeling comfortable with improvisation.

Module 5
Unlocking the Full Potential of the Right Hand
SPBW Mod 05

Linking the 3 magic right hand positions, building solid connections between the brain and hands, and mastering the ultimate Boogie Woogie Badassery hand position.

Deeper Skill Development
The 4 Stages to Right Position Mastery
SPBW Deeper Development

Taking an even more detailed approach to all your right hand positions.

Module 6
Inviting Intros, Epic Endings, Tasty Turnarounds
SPBW Mod 06

Zooming in on getting your Boogie started, ended, and giving internal phrases flare.

During this Phase 3, you’ll discover…
  • How to create an impressive, riff-driven sound with one simple transposition. Taking just one element of right-hand Boogie Woogie and superimposing it on top of two familiar chords, your playing will suddenly become much more sophisticated.
  • A 4-part “brain-engagement” strategy guaranteed to increase confidence in your own playing. You’ll engage your inner creativity like never before by piecing together these snippet-riffs in any order you wish. 
  • How to turn your right hand into a full-throttle Boogie rhythm machine. All it takes is one 3-note pattern that easily hops between each of the 3 main Boogie Woogie chords.
  • A simple hand position that unlocks the deep Boogie Woogie groove. You’ll enjoy this grooving to this hand position so much, you won’t be able to stop swaying back and forth as you play.
  • How to let loose your right hand and move up and down the full breadth of the piano. You’ll knit together 2 additional Boogie hand positions for full-range fluidity.
  • How to connect your brain to your fingers. Creative Boogie ideas you hear in your head will now become realities in your fingertips.
  • How to use controlled improvisation to get all 3 Boogie positions to stick in your brain. It’s time to remove the training wheels of the “riff” and allow you to enter your full creativity. But don’t worry, you won’t even have to leave your comfort zone.
  • 3 hand positions in the 12-bar Blues you can use over each of the 3 Boogie Woogie chords. That means you get 9 smooth hand positions for the price of just 3 because they effortlessly glide over the entire Boogie Woogie chord progression..
  • How to start and end your Boogie Woogie songs with flare. From the start, you want to grab the attention of your listeners and get them excited. And you want to end with a bang! Now you’ll have all you need to all of this AND create irresistible turnarounds within your Boogies.

Module 5 is all about unlocking that right hand through my 3 boogie woogie position method so you can fly up and down the keys. However, it can be difficult getting these positions to feel second nature so you don’t need to think about them. That’s why in this deeper skill development lesson called ‘The 4 Stages to Right Hand Position Mastery’ I show you practical and effective stages you can go through to solidify these positions in your hand and get them into the tips of your fingers.

PHASE #4 Next Level Boogie Woogie
[ Coming soon - Currently in development ]

You’ve come so far! Now that you’re starting to sound like on of the pros, where do you go from here? Lets take things up a final notch.

In Phase 4 you’ll learn boogie woogie structures and expand upon your skills of improvisation. Plus, you’ll get some additional “further study” modules to help you get your left hand chop even more incredible, and my personal favorite, actual riff transcriptions from the pros so you can play their favorite licks. 

You’ll also get several lessons on playing amazing runs using what I call the “falling down the stairs” method. We’ll start with a general theory of runs, and then get more complex to make you sound pro-level amazing. 

You’ll get some helpful “fall back chords” as well, so you have some additional chord options to spice up your Boogie Woogie even more.

You’ll also discover…

  • Pro Tip #1 – I'll show you some tips and tricks the pros use and apply to any riff that you can use to make sure you never run out of boogie ideas when in mid boogie flow..
  • Pro Tip #2 – How to class up your Boogie Woogie with “Solo Breaks.” These fun spotlight moments get people leaning in and feeling the excitement of your playing even more. We’ll take 3 new riffs and set them up in a very specific spot of the 12-bar structure to make them really sing.

Now, with these “Next Level” lessons, you can go out into the world, gain more experience, expand, and continue to grow. The world is now your oyster!

Finally, these “Next Level” modules are still in the process of recording. But they will be available in the member’s area of this online course within a few weeks after you enroll. So, stay tuned and expect to see them drop in your online member’s area over the next few weeks.

Module 7
Foot Tappin’ Boogie and Tricks of the Pros
SPBW Mod 07

Getting deeper into the mastery of runs and fallback chords.

Further Study #1
Advanced Boogie Woogie Left Hand Chops
SPBW Mod 07 FS2

Evolving your left hand chop to groove even harder.

Further Study #2
Building Your Boogie Woogie Library (Riff from the Pros)
SPBW Mod 07 FS1

Giving you an entire reference library of riffs you can count on and use in hundreds of new ways.

And, When You Enroll, You Get These 5 FREE Bonus Masterclasses!
Bad-Assery Bonus 2 (1)
Free Bonus
Masterclass #1
Your 5-Day “Get Started” Boogie-Woogie Masterclass
BW Bonus 1 (1)

If you’re a true beginner, you may want to begin with this bonus so you can set an even sturdier foundation for your Boogie Woogie

Value of $197
Free Bonus
Masterclass #2
Developing Natural Loosness, Hand Coordination, and Your Internal Boogie Woogie Feel
Bad-Assery Bonus Two

How to relaxe and exude the grace and natureleness of the pros. You’ll be in full rhythm control and make it look easy.

Value of 147
Free Bonus
Masterclass #3
How to Develop Speed Using the Tortoise Vs. Hare Method
Bad Assery 3 Bonus (1)

How to play fast by playing slow so your playing doesn’t collapse as you increase your tempos.

Value of $97
Free Bonus
Masterclass #4
How to Break Through the “I Feel Stuck In A Rut” Wall
Bad-Assery Bonus 4 (1)

A blueprint to apply to any exercise you’re struggling with to break through the wall and free you up so you can enjoy playing again.

Value of $97
Free Bonus
Masterclass #5
Your Musical Heartbeat: Foundations of Rhythm and Pulse
Bad-Assery Bonus 5 (1)

Turning rhythm into a strength using my rhythm “grid.” Plus, we’ll work through exercises to help you feel the pulse with ease. You'll get deeper into the creative potential of rhythm so you quickly sound much more like a pro.

Value of $197

That's $735 worth of additional bonuses

What’s All This Cost?
Let’s Do a Little Piano Math…
creative piano academy lesson (1)

Can you imagine how much you’d have to pay for over 100 private lessons with a piano teacher?

In many places, a piano lesson costs anywhere from $30 to $50 per half hour piano lesson. So, if you were to take 100 private lessons, that would cost you? That’s anywhere form $3,000 to $5,000 for 100 private lessons.

Worse still, most traditional teachers would NEVER introduce you to Boogie Woogie piano for YEARS after beginning lessons. So you’d have to pay even MORE for private lessons before you ever got the chance to play Boogie Woogie.

So, you have a choice…

You can take the old route, get to playing fun Boogie Woogie eventually… like 4 years from now… and pay through the nose for lessons until then.

Or, you could ignore the traditional methods and traditional teachers and get right to the fun by enrolling in…

“The Path to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery” Course 20+ Hours of Step-by-Step Boogie Woogie Fun,
Along with Built-In “Play Along” Software Tools!
(Over 100 Video Lessons And Counting)

Inside each lesson, you can slow down every exercise and take it at your own pace. You get to play along with me and work on your creativity in a safe, secure environment with a helpful mentor. You get a more effective, more step-by-step series of tools delivered immediately to your computer. And you’ll get all the incredible head-turning music-playing tools mentioned above for…

Retail Price: $797!

Actually, since this is the very first time “The Path to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery” is available, I’m offering it to you for a Grand Opening Savings of 50% off. So, you’ll get potentially the most effective, most useful Boogie Woogie piano method available anywhere…

For Only $397!


NO long-term payments. NO surprises.

Just pure enjoyment for as long
as you want, at your own pace!

Bad-Assery Mockup Products Main 2 (1)
What You’re Getting Inside of “The Path to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery”
  • 20+ Hour Video Course (Over 100 Lessons): Your Complete, Full-Scale Boogie-Woogie Course ($2,997 Value)
  • Bonus Masterclass #1: Your 5-Day “Get-Started” Boogie-Woogie Masterclass ($197 Value)
  • Bonus Masterclass #2: Developing Natural Loosness, Hand Coordination, and Your Internal Boogie Woogie Feel ($147 Value)
  • Bonus Masterclass #3: How To Develop Speed Using The Tortoise Vs. Hare Method ($97 Value)
  • Bonus Masterclass #4: How To Break Through the “I Feel Stuck In A Rut” Wall ($97 Value)
  • Bonus Masterclass #5: Your Musical Heartbeat: Foundations of Rhythm and Pulse ($197 Value)
Total Value = $3,732
Retail Price (after Grand Opening) = $797
Save 50% when you... Enroll in “The Path to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery” for…
One payment of $397

Or, three monthly payments of $147.

(Pound Sterling available at checkout...)

Your HALF OFF Savings Expires April 4th, 2023

boogie woogie banner 1
boogie woogie banner 3 (1)
MORE?... Throughout Each Phase,
You’ll Use These 4 “Boogie Tools” To
Get Every Skill Deep Into Your Fingers
Boogie Tool #1
Follow-Along Visuals

Many piano methods show the hands from above. But “Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery” goes MUCH further. You get to follow along visually in each lesson with…

Lesson Portal BW
  • Overhead visuals of my hands…
  • Colored digital keyboard notes so you can see exactly which notes I strike…
  • A sustain pedal indicator light…
  • Chord symbols so you can start thinking about harmony…
  • Notation of every note I play so you can begin or continue your musical literacy.

You couldn’t get even half of this visual information in a traditional in-person lesson.

Play Along Exercises
Boogie Tool #2
Jammin’ With Josef

This might be my favorite and possibly the most powerful “Boogie Tool.” 

At the end of almost every video lesson, I provide a “Play Along” session. This is where you get to try your hands at what you just learned. 

But you don’t have to figure it out alone. I play along with you and give you extra tips as we go. You follow along on-screen to see exactly what I play at each and every moment. As we play together, your creativity will go into hyperdrive.

Plus, you can slow it down or speed it up. You can even loop those difficult-to-play sessions and practice however you like, all in your own time.

Boogie Tool #3
Scales & Positions Reference Guide

You don’t have to remember any of the right hand boogie freedom scales and hand positions to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery straight away. To take the pressure off, you can print them out and have them at your fingertips each time you sit at the keyboard to boogie. It’s all here in the 12-page Boogie Woogie Scales & Positions Reference Guide.

SPBW Scales and Positions
SPBW Notations Booklet
Boogie Tool #4
The Path to Boogie Woogie Bad-Asssery Notations Booklet

Are you someone who works well having the sheet music up in front of them? Every lesson comes with downloadable sheet music however here’s a handy resource containing the sheet music from the whole course in one tidy organised booklet.

(Not available just yet but will be added in due course)

Still Not Sure?

Let Me Take All The Risk…
Here’s Your No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money-Back, “Boogie to the Bank” Guarantee!

Here’s my promise to you…

The “Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery” course will help you finally unlock that foot-stomping music and enjoyment bringing tons of fun to your next family party. You have everything you need right here in this course.

I guarantee you’ll see BIG results… that is, if you actually use the “Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery” program. I can’t practice the patterns and musical methods for you. But I’ve given you everything you need, and much more!

As soon as you enroll, you’ll get an email giving you complete and immediate access to all the videos and tools. All you have to do is put them to use and sit back to enjoy the results.

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"You have motivated me!"

"I like how you broke down the components and built on them as the course progressed. I have been trying some more complex right-hand patterns, including some New Orleans piano riffs, with the simple bass pattern.

"My right hand is so much better than my left hand... but you have motivated me to spend 15 minutes a day working these challenges."

- Mark

And if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason…

…just let me and my team know with a quick email to [email protected] within 30 days of purchase and we’ll send you a full refund.

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This Is a 30-Day
Money-Back Guarantee

Which means you have 30 days to go through the course and bonuses before you decide if you find it valuable.

If you’re not satisfied with the course for any reason, let us know so I can send you a refund. 

Sound fair?

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Enroll in “The Path to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery”
Retail Price (after Grand Opening) = $797
Save 50% when you... Enroll in “The Path to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery” for…
One payment of $397

Or, three monthly payments of $147.

(Pound Sterling available at checkout...)

Your HALF OFF Savings Expires April 4th, 2023

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As You Stand Here At The Boogie Woogie Crossroads, Consider Carefully…

How much longer do you want to be wishing you’d finally figured out a way to learn Boogie Woogie piano?

How long have you put it off already?

You have a simple choice before you.

You can continue wishing you’d found a way to figure out this incredibly fun style of piano?

You can continue suffering under the delusion that you have to be super advanced to learn how to boogie and have a helluva a time doing it?


You can take this new path…

You can follow the simple, 4-phase path to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery I’ve laid out before you… 

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"Absolutely fantastic!"

"Many thanks for this course. Absolutely fantastic. You are clearly a very talented musician. But additionally, you have a real nice teaching style.

I am a beginner and had struggled with hand independence. I can't explain how it happened, but by the end of the course, I somehow managed all the exercises even though, I'd given myself no chance of doing this.

You think very carefully about the most effective way to get beginners to progress. I am so impressed. Thanks again!"

- Mike

Put the time in… 

And reap the incredibly fun benefits… 

Including much better hand coordination, a real sense of enjoyment, and the confidence to sit and play foot-stomping Boogie Woogie anytime or anywhere you see a piano.

The choice is yours, of course.

I’ll be with you at every step of the boogie-journey.

And once you begin, I’d love for you to send me an email at [email protected] to let me know what you think of the course.

Click the button below to enroll today…

Let’s Boogie!

Josef Sykora

P.S. Are you ready to have a Boogie Woogie Breakthrough?

Don’t fall for the common misconception that Boogie Woogie is TOO difficult for aspiring pianists.

You absolutely do NOT have to wait to learn this incredibly fun style of piano.

In fact, most aspiring pianists quit because they’re simply not having enough fun.

Following my 4-phase path to Blues & Boogie Woogie bad-assery is one of the absolute best ways to overcome the main problems most beginners and intermediate pianists have.

Boogie Woogie helps you conquer hand coordination, rhythm, creativity, popular styles, and even improvisation… all of which are topics your traditional piano teachers would take YEARS to help you overcome.

And you can do it all HERE in this one course.

If you’re ready to become a Boogie Woogie badass and have a helluva fun time doing it, you’re gonna LOVE this course.

Don’t miss your chance to enroll during this Grand Opening event for 50% off the retail price.

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"Fantastic lessons!"

"Thank you so much for your fantastic course, Josef. I love your passion and enthusiasm to teach.

I love how you slow things down and give us the opportunity to really get it. I'm getting better and better each day playing the piano.

Please keep up your fantastic work!"

- Riz

Bad-Assery Mockup Products Main 2 (1)
Enroll in “The Path to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery”
Retail Price (after Grand Opening) = $797
Save 50% when you... Enroll in “The Path to Boogie Woogie Bad-Assery” for…
One payment of $397

Or, three monthly payments of $147.

(Pound Sterling available at checkout...)

Your HALF OFF Savings Expires April 4th, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course is housed inside a website and when you purchase the course you will gain exclusive access to this website.

There are no DVD's. Unfortunately, not everyone own's DVD players anymore.

There are a lot of benefits to a digital course as its much more interactive e.g. clickable lesson goals, navigating instantly to any part of a video, very clearly laid out path to follow...

But more of all the play along with me software which is essentially an app and can only be used via a computer.