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Give Me 2 Hours, and I’ll Give You the 3 Secret Ingredients that
Turn Your First “Normal,” Beginner Chords, Into Rich, Delicious, Majestic Chords that Make You…

Sound Like A Pro!

All You Need Are 3 Simple Ingredients To Completely Transform Your “Plunky” Chords Into Radiant, Gorgeous, Head-Turning Harmonies On Demand

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"I feel so creative and enthusiastic!"

"I feel so creative and enthusiastic! Josef is so inspiring, unlike the scary old teacher I used to have. Now I play 3 hours a day. I don't even want to have breakfast in the morning before I get some playing in!"

- Carolyn Bellion
Majestic Chords Student

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It sounds pretty and more complicated than it is and oh how I love "free time"!

maxine testimonial
jill h majestic
"I have a real sense of enjoyment!"

"I love the way Josef has an easy approach. He’s easy to listen to, easy to follow, and you feel like you’re actually achieving something at the end of it. It’s very encouraging.

He will say… well, let’s try something else… and you realize you’re being challenged a little more. It allows you to progress how you want. He develops each topic and you realize as you’re learning more and more, you can make a simple piece of music sound so much better. I have a real sense of enjoyment!"

- Jill Harris
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You’re Just 3 Simple Ingredients Away from Sounding PRO!

From: Josef Sykora
Where: West Yorkshire, UK

Dear Creative,

What if there was a simple way to make every new chord you learn to play sound full, rich, and majestic?

You know, like the kinds of chords you hear favorite pianists like Einaudi, Burt Bacharach, Carol King, Paul McCartney, and others play?

Their lush piano sound seems like it’s pretty hard to play, right?

Actually, it’s MUCH easier than you think.

In fact, with just a few simple techniques, I can show you how to transform every chord you play into a majestic, round, lush sound.

open chords josef sykora

Any beginner or intermediate player can quickly learn these simple techniques in as little as 2 hours! 

From “Plunky” to “Pro,” FAST!

Let me demonstrate for you… (click play on the video below)...

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When beginners learn to play chords, they’re usually like those little plunky chords I started with.

Sadly, most piano teachers don’t show you how to make the piano sounds that beautiful for months or even years into your piano journey. 

Which is really too bad because it’s really not that hard, even for completely new beginners.

The truth is, you’re only…

One Video Away from “Majestic” Chords.

Within just 1 of the 12 “majestic chord” lessons I’ve prepared for you, you’ll already be playing your first luscious chords.

One of the challenges of playing the piano beautifully in the way I showed you in the video is getting what is basically a percussion instrument… (because the hammers strike the strings to get a sound)... to sound lush and full.

The normal chords beginners usually learn just won’t do it.

Instead, when you get into the 12 videos I’ve prepared for you, you’ll discover the style of what I call “open” chords.

And I’m going to show you how to easily use these open chords in a freely creative way… using them up and down the keyboard with ease. 

All It Takes Is 2 Hand Positions.

With a few simple shifts up and down the keyboard… 

You can take the exact same shapes and multiple layers to your open chords making your playing much more rich and professional sounding.

doug majestic
"Such a powerful

"I'm so impressed with Josef's fantastic majestic chords method! I've been teaching music at the university level for 15+ years and have never seen such a QUICK way for beginner and aspiring pianists to sound GREAT so quickly than Joe's chord method. I couldn't help buy play along myself, even as a professional musician!

"Josef doesn't just teach you to play piano. He teaches you to sound GREAT on the piano very, very quickly... far quicker than any other method I've seen before."

award-winning composer

All with 2 basic hand positions.

You’re going to love how much warm-fuzzy-goodness these open chords add to your playing… and how easy they are to play.

Turning Heads Each Time You Play!

As you begin sinking your fingers into these majestic chords, you’ll quickly begin turning heads and getting your family and friends hanging on your every note.

When your loved ones walk by your open door as you enjoy a creative session of piano playing…

They won’t be able to resist peaking their heads in and enjoying the rich sounds coming from your fingertips. 

And it’s no exaggeration at all that you can learn how to transform your chords from plunky to majestic in as little as 2 hours.

Let me show you… it’s all waiting for you inside my brand-new video course.


Majestic Chords

The 3 Simple Ingredients and Simple Hand Positions You Can Use to Add Rich Color to Your Playing and Sound OH-SO-GOOD!

majestic chords course

For a beginner or intermediate player, the simple open chords I’ll teach you will almost immediately make your playing sound much more warm and inviting… even professional.

They will give you a more robust sound and allow you many more layers of creativity and warmth in your playing.

During the 12 short videos in this course, you’ll discover many simple ways to create these beautiful sounds, including…

angela majestic
"Totally recommend
this dude!"

“I love the way Josef breaks it down into little chunks. It makes me feel a lot more comfortable playing. And he doesn’t jazz it up. He just gets on with it. He’s not showing off his own skill. I mean, yeah, the dude can really play. But it was kind of a surprise because he just teaches, he doesn’t show off.

"I’ve already got so much out of it. And it’s so reasonably priced. Totally recommend this dude!”

Majestic Chords Student

  • The simple hand shape you can use across the entire piano to enrich your playing from top to bottom.

  • How this simple “outstretched” hand position creates an almost melodic sound when playing open chords.

  • How to create a similarly rich sound even if your hands struggle to reach an octave.

  • A recipe for chord richness any beginner can use almost right from the start of their piano journey… yet, it works just as well for intermediate players too.

  • How to create cascades of creative sounds by tapping into your inner musician, getting into your inner flow, and getting inventive with your open chords.

  • The “amateur” secret to professional-level emotion in your playing.

  • A simple 1-note alteration to your main open chord hand position that makes your playing sound like Hans Zimmer and other great Hollywood composers.

  • How one finger slip almost doubles the number of luscious open chords to your chord toolbox.

  • The magic of mixing syncopated rhythms with open chords.

  • A fail-safe method of playing open chords when you struggle to reach an octave on the piano.

  • How to mix and match the 2 main hand positions in this course to quickly double (or more) the number of rich, romantic-sounding chords you can use.

  • A simple technique to play across 8 positions and add movement to your open chords without changing your hand position at all.

  • How to never sound hurky-jerky when playing arpeggiated, harp-like open chords.

  • Foolproof melody methods to add music spice to your open chords.

  • How to get your own creative melodies to peak out just by playing these combinations of open chords.

  • The “pinky” finger secret to turning open chords into irresistible melodies.

  • How to create a wonderful extra dimension in your piano playing by adding just 3 notes.

  • How to just sit down and sound great, moving up and down the keyboard, freeling creating robust, warm, open chord magic.

  • A foolproof method of playing your chords that requires NO HAND COORDINATION whatsoever. Plus, it sounds 10X better than anything the most coordinated pros produce!

…and much more!

Plus, When You Enroll, You Get This 

FREE Bonus

majestic chords bonus 1
Bonus 1 How To Play With “Spine Tingling” Emotion–Even As a Beginner ($197 Value)

I’m going to show you how to get powerful emotions into your piano playing using what I call the “Mountain Technique.” If you simply follow the steps, your chords will increase in their emotional power. It’s a great shortcut to sounding genuinely beautiful.

majestic chords bonus 2
Bonus 2 Josef’s 3-Step Method to Sustain Pedal Mastery ($197 Value)

The sustain pedal is one of the easiest things to learn on piano that creates the greatest amount of rewards. In this training, I’ll show you how to make your piano resonate with warmth in just 3 simple steps. It may take a little time to lock down the technique. But once you get it, it will never leave you.

majestic chords bonus 3
Bonus 3 The “Regular” Chord to “Majestic” Chord Cheatsheet ($97 Value)

With this cheatsheet, you can look up “normal” chords you’ve learned and see at a glance how to transform them into a beautiful, majestic chord. It’s the perfect guide to speed up the transformation of your chord playing.

What You’re Getting Inside the

“Majestic Chords” Course
majestic chords course
  • 12 Video Lessons ($597 Value)

  • BONUS 1: How To Play With “Spine Tingling” Emotion ($197 Value)

  • BONUS 2: Josef’s 3-Step Method to Sustain Pedal Mastery ($197 Value)

  • BONUS 3: The “Regular” Chord to “Majestic” Chord Cheatsheet  ($97 Value)

Total Value = $1,092

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Your “Majestic Chords On Demand” Guarantee

Here’s my promise to you…

The “Majestic Chords” course will help you turn your “normal” chords into rich, delicious, majestic harmonies that make you sound like a pro!

You have everything you need right here. 

I guarantee you will LOVE what you hear as you sink your fingers into these lush chords and discover how to play them with ease.

But, if for some reason you’re not satisfied, just let me and my team know with a quick email to [email protected] within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

In other words, you have a 30-day safety net to make sure this works for you. 

Sound fair?

Special 30% Off  Cyber Monday Savings!

Only $67.90

This Special Offer Ends at midnight, November 26th, 2023!

Let Me Give You the 3 Ingredients That Will Make You Sound Like A Pro FAST!

Many pianists wait years and spend hundreds, or even thousands on lessons before they learn how to turn their normal, plunk chords into wonderful, full, resonant chords that make the piano come alive.

I’ll go through them one by one, and with these 3 keys, you will absolutely unlock what most aspiring pianists very rarely achieve. Most give up too soon.

Well, you don’t have to wait and pay a teacher for years before you learn these techniques.

donald s - majestic

"I must try it on a grand piano one of these days"

donald s testimonial

Well, you don’t have to wait and pay a teacher for years before you learn these techniques.

I’m going to give them to you for the price of about 2 regular piano lessons when you enroll today in the “Majestic Chords” mini-course.

Simply click the button below to get started.

I’ll see you on the inside where the keys to wonderful, lush, majestic chords await you!

Josef Sykora

majestic chords course
Save Over 90% When You Enroll Today In the
“Majestic Chords” Course
For One Payment of…


30% Off through Cyber Monday, November 26th, 2023, midnight.

Now $67.90