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Introducing "The Best Adult Piano Practice Plan"
You are SECONDS away from 3 effective piano practice routines INCLUDING...
  • My best 'get started' Routine I show all my beginners. Never played piano before? Don't worry! Routine 1 is perfect for you!
  • ​A Solid technique to develop Hand Independence
  • How to get more SPEED and confidence moving between chords... Routine 2!
  • ​ Play a piece of Music guaranteed to impress your friends and family (Routine 3)
  • ​​ My 3 'Piano Practice Secrets' you must apply to improve in a matter of days, not months or years!
  • ​​The full step-by-step 'inner workings' of the Piano HIIT Routine
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If you're just starting out and feeling overwhelmed, you're not alone. 

My piano practice plan will give you the structure and starting point you need to sit at that piano and play it.
"Very good approach to practicing, and a great exercise base from which to design a plan....thank you Josef!" 
"I've always struggled with what to practice and how long. When to change routines and how to organise my time depending on the available length of this or that session.  

By sticking to Creative Piano Academy's organisation, which is logical and adaptive, I'm no longer overwhelmed and I feel more comfortable before, during and after my Piano session of the day" 
Frédéric Texier
"Although I have only been applying the principles of the Practice Routine for a few sessions, I have found that the major benefit is to introduce discipline." 
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