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Helped over 3 million people just like you.

Included - Sit down with me right now with my 5 step-by-step piano exercises to get your fingers coordinated, playing chords and creating real music. No Confusion, No Fuss!

Lets get you playing piano right now!

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New to the piano?

Get “My Top 5 Piano Exercises For Beginners”

  • Overwhelmed? Don’t be. Here’s where we begin our piano journey
  • Learn essentials like coordination, chords, finger movement and much more.
  • Helped over 3 million people just like you, get started.

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Don’t know what or how to practice?

Get “My Best Adult Piano Practice Plan”

  • 3 ‘Plug n’ Play’ practice routines to get started
  • My solid piano practice framework you can rely on every time you sit down
  • My 3 ’neuroscientist’ approved learning techniques [IMPORTANT FOR ADULTS]

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Fed up with ENDLESS BORING Exercises?

Lets ‘Sit and Play’ some beautiful music today

  • Includes my beginner friendly method called ‘The Room Technique’
  • Designed to give you more confidence to finally just sit down and play
  • Experience that feeling of letting beautiful music flow from those fingers with ease

Love from The Creative Piano Academy Members

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I am a relative beginner and joined Creative Piano Academy as I wanted to be able to play some music that would sound nice reasonably quickly.

As long as I follow Josef’s principles I can play any notes I want. There isn’t a wrong note just notes that sound better. It is the first piece I have played that the family who were in the room at the time doing something else said "wow that sounds great, you have really improved.

What I am learning from it are the principles of melody and how to create my own music.

Thanks Josef

James Heard

Creative Piano Patterns Student

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I'm in the senior citizens bracket as I'm retired, and what I have found in following your videos is that I can make music. I'm an ‘on and off’ beginner, didn't stick with anyone particular so didn't progress.

But with you Joe I'm making progress at a cost I can afford. God bless you. So glad I found your site, plus you are pleasant to listen to and your music doesn't blast yours ears. Some do you know. I may be making slow progress but I'll catch the train.

Carol M Aspinall

Creative Piano Routines Student




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About Josef

My name’s Josef Sykora

The thing I love to do the most is sit at that piano and just play it.

For the last 15 years, i’ve made it my mission to teach piano in a new way. A way that gets you sat down and playing real music FAST whilst learning those essential core piano skills at the same time. Not repeating the same boring exercises over and over again without knowing how they actually help you.