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Top 10 Piano Resources

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    A Metronome

    I know, but lets start out real simple. A metronome is invaluable as a tool for your piano practice. You can buy a real nice fancy old fashioned one with a hypnotic stick on it... or grab an app for your phone. No excuses here. Get one, use one!

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    My favourite sight reading books - These books are fantastic.

    I use them all the time with my students. They are truly step-by-step and you can work through them at your own pace. They are called 'improve your sight reading' by 'Paul Harris' and you can get grade's 1 through 8.

    Work on hand independence... ANYWHERE

    I get it. Hand independence is the number 1 thing we struggle with when first starting out.

    The truth is, hand independence links in to a strong sense of rhythm. Check out this video:

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    After this, you will be a rhythm beast who can create your own rhythms, exercises and work them into your daily life.

    Sleep - Let's go a bit deeper down the rabbit hole!

    If you like looking at the bigger picture, this episode is illuminating. Check out 'The Joe Rogan Experience' episode 1109 with Matthew Walker. A neuroscientist specialising in sleep. Covered in the episode:

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    • Visualisation and 50% increase in skill
    • Quality sleep and 20 to 30% gain in motor skill performance

    At the 47 minute mark he uses piano as an example of the brains learning process and how it relates to familiarity and flow

    Fantastic listen. Thoroughly recommend it if that's your thang...

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    Buying a piano?

    The ins and outs of what to consider before buying your first piano:

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    Chordie App

    Well, I get asked this all the time in my youtube comments and by email. What is that piano key lighty up thingie you have in your youtube vids? Wonder no more... Its called 'Chordie' and you can buy it here. It's created by an indy developer (nice chap) and teaches you all about chords. Simply play a chord, it will tell you what it is.

    Disclaimer - The above link is an affiliate link which means I use and support the product (well you've seen it in my videos). If you buy it... I will get a small commission. It only works with a digital keyboard and you need to hook it up to your computer / laptop.

    The best adult piano practice plan

    Want to get good fast... Want a structured approach to the piano so you know what and how to practice...

    This is a framework you can use to craft your own practice routines and stick to your own goals.

    The best adult piano practice plan (1)
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    Get fast at reading musical notes

    This is a fun little app you can get for the iphone (and I presume android) called 'music tutor'. You can set a time, a range of notes... then it challenges you by displaying notes and you have to select which note it is. The more notes you get correct in the time limit, the higher your score.

    Get iit here:
    Android | Apple App Store

    Write something everyday

    Want to get good fast... Want a structured approach to the piano so you know what and how to practice...

    By write, I mean create. Start exercising that creative muscle. You will start to see massive improvements in things like improvisation, confidence, flow and you will start to internalise what sounds good to you and gives you those feels.

    Doesn't have to be great, long, a masterpiece etc. just a little chord sequence, a short melody. 10 seconds... Something!

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    The Perfect 'step-by-step' piano piece you can start right now

    Rarely do I come across a piece of music that guides you from beginner to intermediate so well. And Guess what... You'll have heard it before. Promise!

    This piece repeats the same thing over and over again, but gets slightly harder each time. Perfect for a long term goal and impressive sounding to boot! (To boot? Wow, you don't hear that phrase too often anymore) You need this specific version though... Curious? Click here!

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