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Lets do this! Below you will find details about my all new "Creative Piano Academy Membership" where I teach piano from the very beginning using my musical methods. Alternatively, take a look at my separate courses which cover various topics or struggles you might have.


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This is where I teach my entire knowledge of piano for less than the price of one piano lesson per month.

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Everything you need to get started including "Your First 7 Days On The Piano"

My unique "Sit and Play Piano" course which will get you sat down and playing beautiful music from inside you in the shortest time possible

Structured, visual learning map so you can see at a glance where you are and what you can do next

Play-Along sessions for every lesson (where appropriate) using software you can use to loop, slow down/speed up, change key and so much more… Your perfect piano practice companion.

Learning paths so you can choose your own piano journey depending on your personal goals

Personal feedback and help with whatever you are struggling with

Continuously updating new and exciting lessons and courses

Let loose with my monthly 'real-time' lessons where we sit down together over a coffee and tackle something a little different, musical and interesting. (This is where I put my more crazy ideas for you)

Deep dive into rhythm and hand coordination (the most frustrating yet important piano skill to possess)

Lots more piano and music related goodness…

Your first 12 days are absolutely free

Alternatively, explore my piano courses below…


Creative Practice Routines

If you’ve ever felt stuck wondering how or what to practice… Or how all these random exercises are actually helping you play actual music…

This course will show you a repeatable piano practice roadmap you can follow to make sense of it all. 

Includes the ‘Complete Beginner Routines’ course designed to lead you by the hand from the very beginning!


Creative Piano Patterns

Pure inspiration. Pure creativity. Pure fun. 

Discover the musician inside of you with this collection of 30 beautiful piano patterns. Learn how to develop your own creativity and just sit down to play your own beautiful music. 


The Epic Blues Starter Pack

Slap on the shades and have some fun with the boogie woogie. This ‘get started’ course will guide you from the beginning through to sitting down and jamming out some boogie woogie with confidence. 

If rhythm, timing and hand independence is an issue? This course can help!


Please note - Piano courses are purchased separately and are not included in the Creative Piano Academy Membership




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