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Plug Any of These 30+ "Quickstart" Piano Patterns
Into My "Room Technique" And You'll Begin To

Play Beautiful Music
Almost Immediately!

Watch the video below, and I'll break it down for you...

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Get This Incredible Library of Over 30 Proven
“Piano Patterns” for HALF OFF!

Click here save 50% before May 7th, 2024

This special offer ends in…

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ccp quote 1
"She couldn't believe
I sounded so good!"

"The other day, my daughter came into the room just to check if the music she heard was coming from me or from something else.

"She couldn't believe it was me because it sounded so good! So, yeah, the piano patterns definitely help.

Creative Piano Patterns Student

cpp2 review alan m
"Never thought I could play
anything remotely as nice as this!"

"I reckon it would take 2 years to sound good. I never thought I could play anything remotely as nice as this!

"So, so glad I found this course. Now I play piano every day. And even if it's just 5 minutes, now I remember a pattern and play it smoothly. BRILLIANT!"

Creative Piano Patterns Student

cpp2 review greg
"I didn't know you knew how to play piano.
It sounds really good!"

"Even when I only have 5-10 minutes, I sit at my piano every day. I quickly practice a few of your patterns.

"When my parents visited recently, my dad heard me play and said... I didn't know you knew how to play the piano. It sounds really good!"

- Greg S.
Creative Piano Patterns Student

From: Josef Sykora
Where: West Yorkshire, UK

Dear Piano-Playing Friend,

In my teens, I got SO frustrated with piano, I quit!

“I’m sick of lessons, mum!”

“I’ve been doing all these old-school scales and theory and rhythm practice for years… but I STILL can’t play the music I want to play!

“I don’t wanna be some concert pianist. I don’t wanna learn the millions of things I’m told to learn just to play nice music.”

I just wanna sit and play music I like to play. But they don’t let me.”

“I can’t take it anymore. I’m quitting!”

True to my word, I left piano behind and switched over completely to guitar.

Creative Piano Patterns 2 Joseph Sykora

And boy oh boy… let me tell you… it was great!

It was so great because…

Finally, it was about ME, about what
I wanted to learn, what I was passionate about.

It was all about creativity… not the same old scales, arpeggios, theory, rhythm, and hand coordination stuff that bored me to tears in my traditional piano lessons.

For the first time ever…

I felt SO INSPIRED to sit down and actually just play music.

Because it was about ME, not a bunch of boring exercises. And I’d never experienced that on the piano.


I wanted to bring back to the piano what I loved
about the guitar. And I wanted to share it with others.

The reason I struggled so much on piano…

And the reason millions of others have struggled… 

Including you…

Is because when you think of playing beautiful music on the piano…

It seems like you have to know so many different things to figure out. Difficult things. Things that take YEARS to learn well enough to sound any good.

It’s SO overwhelming. And it completely destroys any sense of creativity and enjoyment.

“How can I ever learn all that?!” you wonder.

“I’ll NEVER be able to play beautiful music on piano.”

But it’s simply NOT true.

And I’ve been proving this to be true for the past 20 years with my piano students.

The truth is…

cpp2 review greg

"I had attempted to learn to play piano over the years in fits and starts. I'd often lose interest repeating boring scales and finger exercises over and over.

With Creative Piano Patterns I was able to learn by playing things that actually sounded musical - which kept my interest much longer and allowed me to make real and noticeable progress.

After following Creative Piano Patterns for a while, I even began to be able to pick out the specific musical patterns in songs I'd listen to on the radio. Using skills I gained from the course, I was even able to translate that to playing patterns I had then picked out from radio music. Finally, Creative Piano Patterns had even given me the extra knowledge to then add/change those patterns to create my own unique pattern; something I was never capable of doing before the Creative Piano Patterns course!"

- Greg Smith
Creative Piano Patterns Student

You don’t have to wait to sound great!
And you don’t need all those old traditional tools.

All you need is my simple Room Technique”!

Forget about learning all the millions of things you’re told you need to learn. 

I created the “Room Technique” to get those fingers moving and playing beautiful music.

But, this technique is NOT for you if you want to…

  • Play from sheet music.
  • Become a concert pianist.
  • Get a quick fix without putting in any practice.

The main reason most aspiring pianists get frustrated and quit playing is…

Nobody has ever shown them how to completely avoid the typical overwhelm.

Until now!

The truth about overwhelm is… it completely destroys creativity. And to be able to quickly sit and play music you love, you’ve GOT to tap into your inner creativity.

Luckily, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

The “Room Technique” takes you on a simple, step-by-step little journey each time you sit at the piano. It takes you from familiarity, to confidence, to creating beautiful music.

Each of the over 30 creative piano patterns I’m sharing with you on this page is embedded with worlds of music.

To begin playing beautiful music without any delay, all you do is select any of the over 30 creative piano patterns and walk it through the “Room Technique.”

You take the pattern of your choice from familiarity, to confidence, and then to creating beautiful music. And with just that 1 pattern, you can play hours and hours of music you love.

But there are over 30 creative piano patterns in all. 

Imagine all the beautiful music you can play with each pattern. 

Here’s what happens when aspiring pianists like James and Arjen select a pattern or two and use the “Room Technique.” 

Listen to what James played as a beginner after only a few days using my Piano Patterns…

Play Video

James uses just 2 of the over 30 patterns to create and play his own music. Everything he plays here is his own creation.

Not bad at all for a newbie!

Here’s what James said about his experience in Creative Piano Patterns…

“I’m a beginner and I wanted to be able to play music that would sound nice reasonably quickly.

“These patterns work so well, I can play them slowly and they still sound great. They allow me to pause, find the right note, and keep playing, all while still playing beautiful music.

“It’s the first time I’ve played and had family come over and tell me… ‘Wow, that sounds great, you’ve really improved!’

“Thanks, Josef!”


- James
Creative Piano Patterns Student

ccp quote 1

Arjen had a similar experience as he began selecting one pattern at a time and applying the “Room Technique”

Imagine playing this film-like sounding music within a few weeks of enrolling in the Patterns course.

Here’s what Arjen said about his experience in Creative Piano Patterns…

“This pattern really gives me a kind of film theme feeling, like Hans Zimmer.

"The chords of this pattern are very emotional and give you the vibe of the tune directly from the start. And it never gets boring, even when I play it a lot.”

“And there are so many ways to play variations of each pattern. You can even make it harder, and make sound bigger. There are so many different ways to use each pattern.”


- Arjen
Creative Piano Patterns Student

ccp quote 1
Play Video

Arjen uses just 1 of the over 30 patterns to create this beautiful film-like music.

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And thats just 2 out of over 30 patterns inside the course. Watch the video below for a demonstration of more of the music YOU WILL be able to play if you follow the step by step instruction and put in the practice time...

If they look a little difficult... Don't panic! I show you multiple ways to play them depending on your ability level.

I guide you every step of the way... Details below!

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Creative Piano Patterns 2.0

Adding the Fun and Creativity Back Into Piano!

creative piano patterns 2 (1)

Learning piano is not all about running up and down the same boring exercises, subjecting our families to the same thing day in and day out.

And where does all this lead if we still can't sit at that piano without feeling embarrassed?

How do we get that confidence we need to just let our fingers do the work and let that music that's inside us flow out?

To me there is nothing better than just sitting and playing and having my family sat there listening and enjoying what I'm playing.

I want to bring this skill to you with this course. I want to equip you with what you need to confidently walk over to any piano and know exactly what to do to just play.

Read on to find out exactly how this course will improve your confidence and get you engaging with that musician that's inside you... EVEN IF YOU'RE A BEGINNER!

I’ll show you how to pick and choose from your new library of over 30 creative patterns.

Any one of them will help you play beautiful music.

And you can mix and match them with each other as well, creating endless variations and combinations of great piano music.

ccp2 review michelle

"I've been learning piano for three years and although I was enthusiastic, all the teaching methods and teachers I originally tried were boring, difficult and repetitive.

One day I happened upon Josef on YouTube. I purchased Creative Piano Patterns and have thoroughly enjoyed working through each pattern. Josef has brilliantly crafted this course to enable me to understand music theory and progress through different levels and styles of playing while still making wonderful sounding music.

His tuition is succinct and the course has comprehensive printed notation, play along sessions and variations. Josef has a unique and friendly way of communicating his love of music. I absolutely recommend Creative Piano Patterns to any potential piano student"

- Michelle Lewis
Creative Piano Patterns Student

cpp v2 element 3
New Built-in “Play Along” Software
In Version 2.0!

You might be wondering… “What’s new and different about this 2.0 version?”

Great question!

In this updated, new and improved course, not only do we have a brand new series of patterns called “The Creative Series” but I’ve also added dozens of “play along” video sessions using our updated piano practice software. I these sessions, you’ll get to play each of the over 30 creative piano patterns along with me.

The special software I use to create these sessions shows you everything I’m playing, in real time. You get to see where I place my fingers for each exercise, you’ll see when I use the pedal, and much more.

Plus, and most helpful of all, you can slow down each pattern and variation so its easier to play along. You can see all the keys light up as I play them and you can even loop those hard to play sections.

Plus a whole load more helpful features.

With this built in software available for every single pattern in the course, its like having your own personal piano practice companion.

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Here’s What You’ll Experience Inside

Here's a quick break down...

  • Over 30 ways to sit at that piano, get inspired, have fun and just play beautiful music
  • ​Dive deep into your own musicality. Feel the music and let the emotion pour out of you - most patterns are GREAT for this, but kick-ass patterns 14, 15, 18 and 6 are SUPER Effective.
  • ​The absolute perfect step by step method to develop those hand independence skills while getting energized and building your playing strength - blues series patterns 1, 2 and 3.
  • A simple trick to generate infinite melodic patterns based on one step by step principle - kick-ass pattern 1 - joining Einaudi - infinite variations (Play for hours)
  • ​The perfect solution to get out of the sheet music trap - Play music without relying on the sheets (Every pattern has a creative edge and a step by step breakdown to get you started).
  • A foolproof melodic technique you can use to generate pleasing melodies that work... on demand! - kick-ass pattern 15 - The river flows over and under
  • The perfect pattern to just sit down, play and turn heads - every pattern does this but kick-ass pattern 18 - open chords and flow will be your go to pattern to just sound stunning!
  • ​Let me take you by the hand and play along with you in real-time for every part of every pattern at various speeds starting ultra slow - The play-along with me sessions (included in both versions of the course)
  • ​The perfect antidote to those boring scales and exercises - the whole course in a nutshell.
  • ​Give your family something more interesting to listen to when practicing. Get those skills up by playing awesome sounding music.
  • Get your motivation back by doing what drew you to the piano in the first place! Playing real music.
  • ​A breakdown of every pattern. The core skills you learn, the main themes, the variations and how to make the pattern yours so you can be proud of playing it!
cpp module 01
Module 1

The 'Essential' Series [$147]

Absolute beginner? Join me over a tasty cup of coffee as I guide you through the essentials of everything you need to know in order to move on to the rest of the course and start creating beautiful music FAST!

Feeling overwhelmed? No confidence? Wondering if this is even possible? Start here!

Module 2

The 'Beginner' Series [$297]

Just started playing piano but overwhelmed with the hundreds of things you ‘think’ you need to do? Wanting some simple but effective ways to sit down at the piano and just sound good?

I show you 6 patterns which will get those fingers moving in a MUSICAL way, develop your confidence as a beginner and get to grips with those all essential core skills!

cpp module 02
cpp module 03
Module 3

The 'Blues' Series [$297]

There’s lots of reasons to love the blues and the boogie woogie. Its a heck of lot of fun to play… Instantly sounds pro and lets face it… Who doesn’t like a bit of blues!

I show you 6 patterns based on the blues and boogie woogie to not only shortcut your way to the piano and sound impressive but show you the very specific reason I teach this to everyone who comes to me for piano lessons, whether they like it or not... And I built that secret method right into these 6 EPIC Blues Patterns!

Module 4

The ‘Just Sit And Play’ Kick-Ass Series [$897]

If you've ever thought about wandering over to any piano... under any circumstances and just play... Let that music flow without feeling embarrassed and confidently play music from inside you that you love to play and others love to listen to...

Then these 18, detailed, impressive and beautiful sounding patterns are ready for you right now! These are the more creative patterns and are designed to get you creating your own music and working those core skills through playing great sounding music.

Want to feel like a proper musician... Dive into these patterns and mine them for everything!

cpp module 04
cpp module 05
Module 5

The Creative Series [$297]

Now it’s time to open up your real musicality. In this module, you’ll get 3 new patterns and 10 lessons. With these simple patterns, we’re going to focus exclusively on creativity… on helping you create your own music. These 3 patterns are designed specifically to give you infinite musical possibilities from a single, easy to learn pattern. It may sound a little complex, but don’t worry. We’ll learn the ins and outs and ups and downs together so you feel 100% confident. 

With these patterns in your fingers, and with the creative way you’ll learn to combine them and vary them as your inner musician pleases, your inner musician will fly. It’s a simple, step-by-step creativity process built on creativity principles anyone can use—even total beginners.

When you play these 3 patterns, anyone and everyone who hears you will be impressed. They’ll think you have years of experience.

Module 6

The ‘Play Along With Me’ Sessions [Invaluable]

Want to be held by the hand as you learn your patterns and turn them from that ‘beginner’ plinky plonky sound into something way more pro and musical?

These ‘Play along with me sessions’ (now available using our amazing built-in piano practice software) are designed to help you isolate every section of every pattern. You can loop, change tempo, change key and see every single note light up on the piano. Plus a whole bunch more.

With over 30 patterns each containing a separate “play along with me session”… every main theme, every variation are laid out for you to access at any time. They take all the guesswork out of the learning process.

cpp module 04
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Plus, When You Enroll, You Get These
6 FREE Bonuses
cpp bonus 1
Bonus 1

The Epic Blues Starter Pack [$297]

A complete course (usually sold separately) which is added to your account as a free bonus when you purchase Creative Piano Patterns.

It's a perfect starter guide to playing boogie-woogie on that piano AND nailing your hand independence in a fun, musical way. It uses some material from the creative piano patterns course and expands on it making this course perfect for anyone just getting into the boogie woogie and wants to have some serious fun!

line cpp
Bonus 2

The Beginners Resource Vault [$197]

We all know how intimidating the piano can be when you first start out.

That's why I've pooled lots of resources together for you if you are just starting out and a little overwhelmed.

cpp bonus 2
line cpp
cpp bpnus 3
Bonus 3

The Piano Pattern Vault [$197]

The inspiration for this course came from the feedback I got for my patterns I created for my U-Toob channel.

Make no mistake, the patterns in the main course are richer, deeper and far more creative. However, if you fancy something quick, melodic and pain free that isn’t quite as involved - Check out this piano pattern vault and dive in.

line cpp
Bonus 4

How to End Your Piano Patterns Like a Pro (3 “GoTo” Ending techniques that just work!) [$97]

So you have sat down at that piano, started playing beautiful music and entered that musical space you now know and love... But... How do we finish? How do we bring our patterns to a close... lift our hands off those keys like a pro and wait for our applause...

Here's 3 methods to bring those awesome patterns to a close with a musical flourish worthy of the Albert Hall (except super simple, even a beginner can sound like a pro!)
cpp2 bonus 4
line cpp
cpp2 bonus 5
Bonus 5

How To Get Started Writing Your Own Pattern [$147]

The patterns in this course give you beautiful sounding starting points. You can learn them first, play incredible music then get creative with them.

However, what if we don’t have any starting point at all? No pattern to get us into the zone? No idea where to start?

Well, here’s my ‘goto’ method for creating beautiful music on the fly that makes musical sense, feels great to play and others love to listen to.

line cpp
Bonus 6

Hand Independence Mastery [$97]

The patterns in this course give you beautiful sounding starting points. You can learn them first, play incredible music then get creative with them.

However, what if we don’t have any starting point at all? No pattern to get us into the zone? No idea where to start?

Well, here’s my ‘goto’ method for creating beautiful music on the fly that makes musical sense, feels great to play and others love to listen to.

cpp2 bonus 06 (1)
cpp v2 element 3

Here’s What Our Students Say…


"Its so motivating to produce beautiful music instead of just scales"


"I Like these floating (like a river) Argeggios"


"I always thought beginner practice was so boring before I met Josef"


"Father: Well That Sounds Really Good To Me"


Michelle L.

"You make us want to go there and play"


"She couldn't believe it was me because it sounded SO GOOD!"


"This course enticed me back to the piano multiple times a day"



"Packed full of beautiful melodic patterns"


"My family were impressed anyway"

cpp v2 element 4
What You’re Getting Inside
Creative Piano Patterns 2.0
creative piano patterns 2 (1)
  • Module 1: The 'Essential' Series (Value of $147)
  • Module 2: The 'Beginner' Series (Value of $297)
  • Module 3: The 'Blues' Series (Value of $297)
  • Module 4: The ‘Just Sit And Play’ Kick-Ass Series (Value of $897)
  • Module 5: The 'Creative' Series (Value $297)
  • Module 6: The ‘Play Along With Me’ Sessions (Value – $INVALUABLE)
  • Bonus 1: The Epic Blues Starter Pack (Value of $297)
  • Bonus 2: The Beginners Resource Vault (Value of $197)
  • Bonus 3:The Piano Pattern Vault (Value of $197)
  • Bonus 4: How to End Your Piano Patterns Like a Pro (3 “GoTo” Ending techniques that just work!) (Value – $97)
  • Bonus 5: How To Get Started Writing Your Own Pattern (Value of $147)
  • Bonus 6:​ Hand Independence Mastery (Value of $97)

Total Value = $2,967

Retail Price = $397

Enroll Today In
Creative Piano Patterns 2.0 for
HALF OFF! Only $197!

Pay In Full


To Get FULL Access TODAY For Just:

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This special offer expires in…

Play Video

Bjorn uses patterns 5 and 6 from the Kick-Ass series to create and play this piece of music dedicated to his dog 'Lotte'

Bjørn Lyng used Creative Piano Patterns...

to write and perform a piece of music dedicated to his lovely little dog Lotte. What you hear is his own composition based on the patterns in the course. Its called "Ode to my little dog Lotte".

I think he should be very proud!
Note - Sounds difficult? Remember every pattern is broken down into manageable steps which you can practice and work through at your own pace. If you put the work in... You will get there.
ccp quote 1

Let Me Take All the Risk,
Try It FREE for 30 Days!

Your “Confident Creative Piano” Guarantee

Here’s my promise to you…

The “Creative Piano Patterns 2.0” course will help you finally sit down and play beautiful music, almost on demand.

You have everything you need right here. I guarantee you. 

But, if for some reason you’re not satisfied, just let me and my team know with a quick email to [email protected] within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

In other words, you have a 30-day safety net to make sure this works for you. 

Sound fair?

Here’s my promise to you…

The “Creative Piano Patterns 2.0” course will help you finally sit down and play beautiful music, almost on demand.

You have everything you need right here. I guarantee you. 

But, if for some reason you’re not satisfied, just let me and my team know with a quick email to [email protected] within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

In other words, you have a 30-day safety net to make sure this works for you. 

Sound fair?

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See This Course IN ACTION...
I LOVE This Pattern From The Kick-Ass Series!

Its Kick-ass pattern 18 from the course which I’ve called “open chords and flow”.

I love it because this is a perfect example of what this course will do for you. You can learn the principle, the themes and the variations (which we go into in depth) and then just sit and play for hours. Exploring the music and developing your musical ear.

The video here is me restricting myself to everything we learn in the pattern and just playing around with it.
I absolutely love being able to do this. You can too! (And thats just one of the thirty patterns in the course!)
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Creative Piano Patterns (7)
Enroll Today In the…
“Creative Piano Patterns 2.0”
for HALF OFF! Only $197!
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To Get FULL Access TODAY For Just:

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Pay In 3 Payments

3 x $1,097

To Get FULL Access TODAY For Just:

3 payments of

(30 days apart)

GBP (£) available at checkout

This special offer expires in…

cpp v2 element 3

Now You Can Start Playing Beautiful
Music In a Matter of Minutes!

I know those frustrating feelings all too well.

But now’s your chance to say goodbye to them forever.

It’s time to decide if you’re going to keep doing what you’ve been doing at the piano, and keep being overwhelmed and frustrated… 

Stuck STILL not playing music you love.

Or, if you want to NEVER AGAIN wonder what to play each time you sit at the keyboard…

If you’re ready for friends and family to hear you play and say…

“Wow, that sounds amazing! When did you learn that?”

And you respond…

“Oh, it’s just something I’ve been working on.”

As you seen on this page in the videos and testimonials of my students…

You really CAN discover how to quickly play beautiful music practically on demand.

All you need are these 30 simple Creative Piano Patterns.

You get to pick and choose which ones you like, and which ones you want to use.

And with them, beautiful music will come from your fingertips every time you sit at the keyboard.

Click the button below to join me inside the Creative Piano Patterns 2.0 course today!

Speak soon,

josef sykora
cpp2 review maxine

"I'm so glad I found this course! I'm 63 yrs old and have been trying to learn the piano off and on most of my adult life. But whenever someone asked me to play, if I didn't have the sheet music of what I'd been practicing in front of me, I couldn't play a thing. It was so tedious and frustrating. But these lessons show you how to play improvisationally, something I've always wanted to learn but didn't know how to ask for.

The patterns are great for developing hand coordination and I'm finally getting a feel for rhythm. The patterns sound lovely too. I sound like I really know how to play.
It's all just so much more fun! And Josef explains it all so patiently but in a fun, light-hearted manner. If his enthusiasm and encouragement for making beautiful music doesn't infect you, you better check your pulse."

- Maxine Buller
Creative Piano Patterns Student

Check out some more students
who explored the patterns inside the course...

Joe Sharp launches into some epic Boogie Woogie using the included "Epic Blues Starter Pack" Bonus course.

Here Kajetan is getting creative with the melody principles inside pattern 18 in the Kick Ass Series

Here's another example of pattern 14 and 15 from Robin. This time using the pattern to nail that sustain pedal.

Have a Question...? No problem.

Shoot me an email here - Contact - and let me know if I can clarify anything for you

Before you send a question in... here are a few frequently asked questions...

Your payment is a one time fee. No recurring monthly payments. The only exception is if there is the option to pay in instalments and you choose to do so. Only then will you be billed monthly and this will stop automatically at the end of the instalment period.

Absolutely. Once you purchase the course, its yours forever. The course will be added to your account, or a new account created for you and you can use this account to access the members area whenever you want.

Yes! Inside ‘most’ patterns, or where appropriate, I give you a variety of options to use when you play the patterns. I did this so that you can start out using the relatively simple method and work your way up to the more advanced method. There is also a collection of beginner patterns to get going with first.

If you’ve read through the whole page and still unsure if the course is right for you… You can try it out risk free for 30 days. If its not for you, shoot me an email within 30 days and I can issue you a full refund.

Absolutely. For each pattern and each main theme and variation in the pattern, i’ve included the notation as well as printable sheet music documents so you can print it out and stick up by your piano.

Absolute complete beginners, never touched a key? No. However, there is no reason why you can’t dive into the beginner patterns as a complete beginner. Its just you may need to fill in a few gaps such as fingering, what the notes are etc. The absolute basics aren’t included in the course.

No. My courses are all different with a different focus and are sold separately. Purchasing one course DOES NOT give you access to any other course.

No. All tuition material assumes no sight reading ability. The sheet music for everything is included incase it is helpful for you. But it isn't necessary.

Some students tell me they actually use the included play along videos to practice their sight-reading as each follows the notation in real time.

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Creative Piano Patterns (7)
Enroll Today In the…
“Creative Piano Patterns 2.0”
for HALF OFF! Only $197!
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To Get FULL Access TODAY For Just:

1 payment of

GBP (£) available at checkout

Pay In 3 Payments

3 x $1,097

To Get FULL Access TODAY For Just:

3 payments of

(30 days apart)

GBP (£) available at checkout

This special offer expires in…