If you’d like to learn piano and you want to learn MORE Than Just A Bunch Of Songs—Now You Can Express Your Creativity Quickly And Easily On The Piano! Creative Piano Crash Course

I’ll show you how to get the music inside you start flowing right away from your fingertips!

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Best News Of All:

You can get into this “creativity-based” home study piano course today for less than the price of ONE traditional piano lesson!

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jacqui cc testi
"I can actually PLAY!"

"I'd never played piano in my life. But after following Josef's course,' I gained a lot of confidence. I can actually PLAY! My husband was like... 

'O my god! That sounds so good! You've really learned a lot!' ”


From: Josef Sykora
Where: Just Outside Leads, UK

Dear Aspiring Pianist,

It’s sad. Most piano methods for adults are so boring they practically put you to sleep. 

But playing piano was never meant to be boring, academic, or sleep-inducing. 

This is why most adult piano methods focus on teaching you specific songs. Because songs are fun. They keep you feeling good. And it’s always fun to play a favorite song.

Yet, while learning a bunch of songs is fun, it’s a crutch that keeps you from tapping into your own creativity.

Josef Sykora Carsh Course

You want to have fun letting the music flow from your fingertips without worrying about whether you’re doing it right and wrong, and without having to rely on a song.

Piano should be pure enjoyment… and that’s what this course will allow you to experience.

The music is already inside you. 

To make this dream a reality, you’ll need the patterns, positions, and exercises found in the 12 days of Crash Course. 

These patterns and exercises are designed to unlock that wonderful music inside you. And as you use them a little each day, soon you’ll start to hear and feel that music inside begin to flow from your heart, to your hands, and out into the world.

In a minute, I’ll tell you why I’m offering this special course and why I’m making it so ridiculously affordable. 

But first, let me tell you what you’ll discover in the 12 days of this Crash Course.

carolyn bellion cc testi
"I feel so creative and enthusiastic!"

"I feel so creative and enthusiastic! Josef is so inspiring, unlike the scary old teacher I used to have. Now I play 3 hours a day. I don't even want to have breakfast in the morning before I get some playing in!"

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Here’s How I’ll Help You Unlock
the Music Already Inside You

This 12-Day Creative Piano Crash Course is a structured, easy-to-follow, step-by-step “get started” journey. 

It sets you up beautifully for future creativity on the piano.

Can I turn you into Einaudi or Paul McCartney in 12 days? No. That’s just not possible.

Nor will you be flying up and down the piano creating musical wonders like a pro.

Yet, you WILL get a fantastic start… a foundation of creative piano playing that will get you started playing the free-flowing music already inside you.

You will be able to sit and play something unique each time you’re at the keyboard. Something that’s yours. Something you will impress the family with. Something you’ll LOVE hearing flow from your fingers. 

You’ll truly get started opening up a whole new world of piano freedom.

Introductory Module:

Setting Yourself Up For Success

In these preparatory video tutorials, you’ll lay yourself a firm foundation for piano success. Even if you already have experience playing the piano, you won’t want to miss the helpful information inside each video.

You’ll discover…

Setting Yourself Up For Success img (1)
  • Joe’s “Rough & Ready” Guide to Posture and Positioning. How to use your body posture and the positioning of your hands over the keyboard to make your time at the piano a nice, welcoming, enjoyable experience. As you apply these principles, you’ll avoid any feelings of being rigid, stressed out, or tense and will instead be open and ready for creative music to flow through you. 

  • Simple Finger Geography That Allows You To Navigate the Entire Piano. You’ll quickly become so fluent with hand and finger placement, that the patterns required to command the piano from top to bottom will become automatic in your muscle memory.

  • Getting the Energy of Your Piano Practice Space to Inspire You. From the moment you set foot in your practice room, you will feel a welcome, safe, freeing feeling that gives you the good vibes you need to play beautiful, free-flowing music.

"Can't believe I'm actually doing it."

“This really made your entire process click for me. Suddenly, I’m actually doing it–playing on the fly! It’s not Mozart, but my son loved it and asked me to “do it again.” I’m so proud of myself and can’t believe I’m actually doing it! As you say, it’s a wonderful feeling. Love your unique style, just what the doctor ordered.”

  • Neuroscience-Backed Piano Practice Techniques to “Open Up” The Adult Brain and Unleash Its Creativity. Each piano-practice technique I’ll share with you triggers the “active” learning centers in your brain. Each will prime your mind for optimal learning and help you avoid burnout and the point of diminishing returns.

  • The Perfect Piano for You, Your Hand Size, and the Type of Music You Want to Play. Should you get an acoustic piano? An electric keyboard? A 66-key instrument? An 88 full-sized piano? Or a full grand piano? These 3 principles will help you make the best instrument selection choice for your circumstances.

12-Day Crash Course img (1)

12-Day Crash Course

As we move into the real meat of this program, you’ll get 12 daily instruction videos as well as 12 “Play Along” videos. In each of these, you’ll be able to slow down the videos, take the exercises at your own pace, and mirror exactly what I play. Each “Play Along” session, together with the lesson video, is the equivalent of one full lesson with a traditional teacher. But you get 12 lessons and 12 “Play Along” sessions for less than the price of 1 traditional lesson.

Many piano methods show the hands from above. But in this Crash Course, you’ll go much further. You get to follow visually in each lesson with…

  • Overhead visuals of my hands…
  • Colored digital keyboard notes so you can see exactly which notes I strike…
  • A sustain pedal indicator light…
  • Chord symbols so you can start thinking about harmony…
  • Notation of every note I play so you can begin or continue your own musical literacy.
cc visual (1)

You couldn’t get even half of this visual information in a traditional in-person lesson. 

And here’s what you’ll discover in each of our 12 daily lessons…

  • Day 1: Feeling At Home At The Piano. 3 exercises to help you feel comfortable sitting at the keyboard, knowing where to place your hands as you begin exploring the weight and spread of the keys in your fingers. 

  • DAY 2: Your Perfectly Playable First Piano Chords. Piano chords no traditional teacher would show their students until several weeks, or even months, into their course of study. Within your first few minutes of practice, you’ll sound more like an advanced student with these chords at your disposal.

  • DAY 3: Getting Your Fingers Moving Melodically. This melodic exercise gets your fingers cycling through 4 simple hand positions. With a few slight spreads of your right hand, you’ll enjoy your first bit of melodic piano playing. Plus, each cycle helps increase dexterity in your fingers and wrist.

  • DAY 4: Breathing Life and Movement Into Your Chords. These easy exercises will have you sounding like Adele or Einaudi on the piano in a matter of minutes. But with these simple movement patterns, you won’t just be able to play a song or two. You’ll be able to slide into an endless variety of flowing piano music.

cc bernd haller testi
"Very satisfied!"

"Josef gave me lots of little successes. The skills he has us practice sneak in slowly and almost undetected. And then suddenly, SURPRISE, there they are, clear to see and hear in your playing. Now I'm much farther along than I imagined. Very satisfied. It works!"

- Bernd Haller
  • DAY 5: Ensuring Your New Piano Skills Sink Deep Into Your Fingers.Today’s relaxing activities will allow you to consolidate your learning. These “repetition” exercises will save you from feeling overwhelmed and will help iron out any struggles you’ve had thus far in this Crash Course.

  • DAY 6: Nailing the Sustain Pedal In 3 Simple Steps. The single most effective way to turn your piano playing into sounds of wonderful flowing beauty is to use the sustain pedal effectively. Most teachers won’t reveal the secrets of the sustain pedal until you’re months into lessons. But I want you to enjoy the amazing sounds the pedal can make as soon as possible. The great news is, it takes a very small amount of time to totally transform the quality of your sound using these 3 simple steps. 

  • DAY 7: Developing Your Sustain Pedal Sound. By adding a bit of rhythm to our sustain pedal exercises, we’ll take the core mechanics of pedaling into the context of real musical phrases. Now, the coordination required for good pedaling will start to become automatic, adding extra color to everything you play.

  • DAY 8: Boosting Your Musicality with Melodic Pedaling. Using a simple “heart-beat” technique, you’ll combine chords and little melodies into a fully textured piano soundscape. As you do, your body’s natural tendency to become tense will loosen and relax.

  • DAY 9: Coordinating Complex Skills to Make Them Smooth. Today you’ll take your time using gentle repetition to allow everything you’ve learned to sink into your muscle memory.  

  • DAY 10: 4 Chords That Unlock Thousands of Songs. Taking the basic chord shape you’ve already mastered and using it to play endless combinations of chords. 

  • DAY 11: Unlocking Worlds of Musical Potential. Today I’m going to hand the musical baton over to you. Using the patterns you’ve already learned, I’m going to show you how to allow the music inside you to come flowing out of your fingers in your own creative way. This is where the world of free-flowing piano playing really begins to open up, giving you a huge personalized soundscape, free of inhibition and full of pure music.

  • DAY 12: Creating and Your Own Chord Progressions. How to use the techniques you’ve learned over the last 12 days to create endless melodic chord progressions you can be proud of. You’ll discover how to use the chords and patterns I’ve taught you so every time you sit at the piano, you’ll be able to play and have fun creating your own unique music.

Here’s What Our Students Say…

cc donald testi
"Very good value for the money."

"I took piano when I was a kid. But they wanted you to do exams and Mozart. I just wanted to play The Beatles and The Stones. Then, when lockdown came, I wanted to try again. I tried lots of the rubbish out there on YouTube. But I never saw anything or anybody do what Josef does.

He hits a note with me. He’s the sort of teacher I need. He’s like a primary school teacher. He reminds me of
that. He has that way with it. And you can slow down the exercises and see what’s coming next. I thought about going to get piano lessons, but a plumber is cheaper. Josef is very good value for the money."

cc alan testi
"Ideal for me, a total beginner."

"I always wanted to play, but never got around to it. When I decided to start, I found Josef on YouTube and liked his demeanor. He's so calm. I'm a total beginner. Like, 1 finger at a time. The main reason I like Josef is, he does little things, shows you some little routine. It can be very basic, which is ideal for me. And now I'm picking things up a lot quicker. I have lots of enjoyment. He adds one little new thing each time. It's a little bit added to the sauce, but it's very gradual, that's what I love about it. You get a basis, you add a little, then a little more. And now I can read music too, even the bass clef!"

cc maxine testi
"Wholeheartedly recommend."

"I like Josef better than other YouTube teachers. Most of them go too fast for me. But Josef, from the moment I watched him, he was very cheerful and not intimidating. He’s a born teacher, some people just really are. He takes things really slow.

Now I’m much better at reading music and I can play faster than I used to. I can pick up new exercises quicker than I used to and my ear is getting better. I wholeheartedly recommend Josef. He’s very encouraging. He really tries to find a way into it for everyone, even us old people whose fingers don’t move as well as they used to."


17 Video Lessons for the Price of ONE!

If you decided to take some lessons from your friendly neighborhood piano teacher…

You’d pay at least $30 per lesson… more like $50 per lesson in most communities.

When you enroll today in the “Creative Piano Crash Course,” you’ll get access for less than the price of ONE traditional piano lesson. 

But you’ll get SO MUCH more. You’re going to get the 5 preparatory lessons and 12 additional lessons together with the 12 “Play Along” sessions.

And what’s more, these lessons will unlock the kind of free-flowing piano music that would take months, possibly even years with a traditional teacher.

So, if you’re ready to try out this new, unique, “creative” piano method, click the button below so you can get started today.

cc craig testi
"A no-brainer."

"I'm progressing 10-times faster since using Josef's method. The organization of the material is excellent. I'm an expert in online education myself and what he's doing is great. He doesn't just teach you to play songs, he gives you formulas that allow me to do a lot more. Plus, the investment is a no-brainer. I can't see how anybody could ask for a refund because the quality is there."


What You’re Getting Inside the 

Creative Piano
Crash Course
the creative piano crash course (1)
  • Preparatory Module: 5 Lessons to Set Yourself Up for Success
  • Day 1: Feeling At Home At The Piano 
  • Day 2: Your Perfectly Playable First Piano Chords 
  • Day 3: Getting Your Fingers Moving Melodically 
  • Day 4: Breathing Life and Movement Into Your Chords
  • Day 5: Ensuring Your New Piano Skills Sink Deep Into Your Fingers
  • Day 6: Nailing the Sustain Pedal In 3 Simple Steps 
  • Day 7: Developing Your Sustain Pedal Sound 
  • Day 8: Boosting Your Musicality with Melodic Pedaling 
  • Day 9: Coordinating Complex Skills to Make Them Smooth 
  • Day 10: 4 Chords That Unlock Thousands of Songs 
  • Day 11: Unlocking Worlds of Musical Potential
  • Day 12: Creating and Your Own Chord Progressions

Total Value = $510

Enroll Today In the
Creative Piano Crash Course
For One Payment of Only…


Let Me Take All the Risk,

Try It FREE for 30 Days!

Your “Creative Piano” Guarantee

Here’s my promise to you…


Here’s my promise to you…

The “Creative Piano Crash Course” will help you get started playing in this new creative style quickly. With these exercises and patterns, the music that’s already inside you will begin to flow freely from your fingertips as you consistently practice.

You have everything you need right here to make this wonderful music flow through you and out onto the piano keyboard.

I guarantee you that you will love the music you start playing.

But, if for some reason you’re not satisfied, just let me and my team know with a quick email to [email protected] within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

In other words, you have a 30-day safety net to make sure this works for you. 

Sound fair?

Enroll Today In the… 

“Creative Piano Crash Course”
the creative piano crash course (1)

Total Value = $510

Yours Today for One Payment of…


Now You Might Be Wondering…

why is he offering this course for ONLY $37?”

It’s a fair question.

The reason why is, early on in my “traditional” piano lessons, I realized I was missing out on an entire kind of musical expression.

I had to have every note written out on sheet music to actually play piano.

But I knew something was missing, because I’d see pianists who could just sit and play and get the music they were feeling to come out of their fingers.

I decided I had to figure out how to achieve this kind of free piano-playing that did NOT rely on having the notes written down. 

Gradually, I did. And it opened up entire new worlds of piano expression for me.

And that’s what I want for you.

cc angela testi
"Totally recommend this dude!"

“I love the way Josef breaks it down into little chunks. It makes me feel a lot more comfortable playing. And he doesn’t jazz it up. He just gets on with it. He’s not showing off his own skill. I mean, yeah, the dude can really play. But it was kind of a surprise because he just teaches, he doesn’t show off.

"I’ve already got so much out of it. And it’s so reasonably priced. Totally recommend this dude!”


I’ve developed an entire, full-scale method on this idea.

But in this Crash Course, I want to introduce you to these “freedom of expression” exercises for a price that would work for everyone. 

That’s why I’m only charging $37. And even if you don’t enroll in any of my other additional courses, I want you to feel that you’ve received enough instruction that you can feel confident playing in this creative style.

You’ll have a foundation of “creative” piano playing I never had when I was getting started. And with this foundation, you can take your piano journey in any direction you wish.

Can’t You Just Hear That Music Flowing From Your Fingertips?

cc jill testi
"I have a real sense of enjoyment!"

"I love the way Josef has an easy approach. He’s easy to listen to, easy to follow, and you feel like you’re actually achieving something at the end of it. It’s very encouraging.

He will say… well, let’s try something else… and you realize you’re being challenged a little more. It allows you to progress how you want. He develops each topic and you realize as you’re learning more and more, you can make a simple piece of music sound so much better. I have a real sense of enjoyment!"


Think of how splendid it will feel.

You sit at the keys after a long day…

Stretch out your fingers…

Find the familiar patterns you mastered in this 12-day creative piano Crash Course…

And begin filling the room with beautiful piano music… created by you… siphoned directly from your mind and heart… and flowing through your fingertips onto the piano keyboard.

You don’t need a song to sound good on the piano.

You don’t need a wrap across the knuckles.

You have everything you need now with these exercises to kickstart that creative piano flow.


It’s all here inside this Crash Course.

Come and give it a try for yourself.

I can’t wait to hear your music… it’s waiting… even right now to come out.

Click the button below and let’s let your music flow starting today!

josef sykora creative piano crash course

- Josef Sykora

Enroll Today In the… 

“Creative Piano Crash Course”
the creative piano crash course (1)

Total Value = $510

Yours Today for One Payment of…