You’ve enjoyed the 5-Day Boogie Woogie Masterclass. What’s Next?

Now You Can Take A More Complete, Step-By-Step Boogie Woogie Journey with Endless Fun, Including…

of New Riffs,
Turnarounds, and Other
Toe-Tapping Techniques!

Easily fill your Boogie Woogie with TONS of playful variety when you embark on this journey. Plus, with all the new Boogie techniques you’ll sink your fingers into, soon, your hands will be flying up and down the whole stretch of the keyboard!

Watch The Quick Video Below

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blue music notes 2
blue music notes 2

That’s what awaits you (and more) inside this complete Boogie Woogie video course…

“Sit & Play Boogie Woogie”
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"Absolutely fantastic!"

"Many thanks for this course. Absolutely fantastic. You are clearly a very talented musician. But additionally, you have a real nice teaching style.

"I am a beginner and had struggled with hand independence. I can't explain how it happened, but by the end of the course, I somehow managed all the exercises even though, I'd given myself no chance of doing this.

"You think very carefully about the most effective way to get beginners to progress. I am so impressed. Thanks again!"

- Mike
Sit & Play Boogie Woogie Student

Micheal Ives Testimonial
"Nothing less than a miracle!"

"I finished up Module 1 with the 'Turnaround.' WOW! I have to say, it's nothing less than a miracle to hear what it first sounds like.

"To think I'd never be able to play such a great-sounding riff, then after 2-3 days of practice to be playing it fairly comfortably with the rest of the piece. I'm really enjoying the course."

- Michael Ives
Sit & Play Boogie Woogie Student

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"I've just started piano this week and already I can play!"

"Loved the fact that the course taught me a skill and then enhanced it more the following day rather than learning something and forgetting it.

"It also set me realistic achievable goals rather than frustrating me and making me give up early like other courses I tried.

"I've just started piano this week and already I am on the way to knowing a tune I can play all the way through!"

- Danny
Sit & Play Boogie Woogie Student

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spbw elements 1 (1)
spbw elements 1 (1)

Discover A Fun, Manageable Way To Continue Your Boogie Woogie Journey!

josef sykora spbw (1)
A Message from Josef Sykora:

Dear Creative,

First, I want to say how excited I am for you that you’ve now completed the 5-Day “Get Started” Boogie Woogie Masterclass.

I hope you’ve had a lot of fun. And I hope you’ve enjoyed getting that left-hand chop into your fingers, as well as getting those “feel good” tingles of playing your first proper Boogie Woogie right-hand riff!

Now that you’ve had your first exposure to the toe-tapping fun of Boogie Woogie…

You might be wondering…

josef sykora spbw (1)

What’s next?

I’ve got a fun surprise in store for you as an alumni of the 5-Day Masterclass.

Now, you can…

Continue the Boogie Woogie fun with dozens of new riffs, licks, turnarounds, and much more!

In the 5-Day masterclass, you’ve had a great start. 

But it’s just the tip of the Boogie Woogie ivories.

There’s an INCREDIBLE journey ahead for you when you take advantage of this special offer, available ONLY on this page!

Let me show you how the fun can continue inside…

“Sit & Play Boogie Woogie”
Your COMPLETE Step-By-Step Video Course to Playing Fun, Enjoyable Boogie Woogie
spbw course (1)

Here’s a short video of Sit & Play Boogie Woogie student, Patricia Valette was able to accomplish in just a few short weeks inside this course…

Maybe watching Patricia is a bit intimidating? 

If so, don’t worry. 

Patricia has been following the steps in this course for a while now. I just wanted to show you what following this step-by-step journey will look like for you pretty soon.

On this journey, we look at each and every step you need to take in minute detail whilst having a lof of fun taking our time over each new technique.

Like Patricia, you’re going to have so much fun on this Boogie Woogie journey. 

Plus, I’ve got a map for you so you can see where you are at all times on your Boogie Woogie journey. Here it is…

Your Personal Boogie Woogie Milestone Map
spbw roadmap (1)
Roadmap Sit and Play Boogie Woogie (1)
When You Enroll In the Course, You’ll Get Your Own
“Milestone Map” and Progress Tracker

As soon as you enroll, you can download this helpful map and progress sheet. I recommend you have it next to you at the piano whenever you practice. That way, you’ll always know where you are on your Boogie Woogie journey.

To the side, here, you can see an example of just one little section of the Progress Tracker. As you move through each module, you can tick the boxes after you complete each milestone. This will give you a positive sense of momentum and help you see just how much you’re accomplishing along the way.

And speaking of the journey, let me take you through each of the 7 milestones you’ll pass through.

tracking your boogie woogie progress
The of Your
Boogie Woogie Journey
3day bg 2

I’m going to take you by the hand and walk you through my solution to finally unlocking this fun, creative, and infinitely rewarding style of piano playing.

Your journey will consist of 7 milestones, each of which we will refer to as a “module.”

Here’s what you’ll discover on this fun, relaxed journey through the joys of Boogie Woogie piano.

spbw module 1

Building Fundamentals Through
Your First Boogie Licks

3day bg 2

We’ll kick things off by looking at some fundamental and foundational blues and Boogie-Woogie skills. By the end of this module you’ll be playing your first right-hand riff, your first turnaround, and even your first full piece of Boogie Woogie music. You’ll feel a great sense of momentum surging through you, even before you’ve finished this first module.

You’ll discover…

  • The “pull-back” and “drop” technique that gives Boogie Woogie melodies that wonderful bluesy feel. Though this technique sounds complicated to the ear, it’s actually just a matter of one simple hand motion any pianist can achieve, even if your hands are riddled with arthritis.
  • Why you don’t have to move your left hand at all to play your first complete Boogie pattern. In fact, you’ll only need 3 left-hand fingers to get both hands working together.
  • How Boogie Woogie riffs boost your sustain pedal proficiency. You’ll have to develop a little more precision, but as soon as you get it in the first little riff, you’ll have what you need to use the pedal throughout all types of Boogie Woogie.
  • The “lazy thumb” technique to make your riffs sound more natural and sophisticated. As an added benefit, you’ll overcome the LOST feeling many Boogie beginners struggle to overcome.
  • How a simple “turnaround” technique gives each phrase a sense of completion. It’s a delicious “opposites-attract” effect syncing up your hands in solid coordination.
SPBW Mod 01
road (3)
SPBW Mod 02
road (1)
spbw module 2

The Blues Scale and Getting
That Boogie Woogie Rhythm

3day bg 2

Our main task now is to learn our first “proper” riff, introduce your fingers to the blues scale and develop looseness, rhythm and feel for the Boogie Woogie. You’ll overcome many of the most common frustrations and enjoy many new strategies.

You’re going to enjoy getting your first blues scale into your fingers, playing the full 12-bar blues, creating your first Boogie rhythms, and even experience an “Ah-Ha” moment with your hand coordination.

It will all come smoothly together with just a few, fun techniques, including…

  • The single Boogie Woogie pattern that allows you to just sit, play, and lighten up the room with fun. This right-hand riff is the glue holding together all the techniques you’ve learned to this point. It’s so irresistible it might even bring out new Boogie Woogie facial expressions you didn’t know your face could make. At least, that’s what happens to me. 🙂
  • A simple expansion of your Boogie Woogie riff, turning it into a full-on Blues scale. All you need is a little sweep of your right thumb to nail it.
  • 5 right-hand exercises that really lock down the blues in your muscle memory, making your Boogie Woogie stronger than ever. They sound a little dry at first, but when you get these in your fingers, you’ll keep better time with the left hand and feel confident letting that right hand go wherever it wants to go. 
  • Creating your own riffs and combinations. This “creativity” exercise works wonders for your confidence at the keyboard. The “loosey-goosey” secret to making your rhythm rock-solid. Now, even when you improvise, you’ll project incredible confidence.
  • The “loosey-goosey” secret to making your rhythm rock-solid. Now, even when you improvise, you’ll project incredible confidence.
spbw module 3

Training the Boogie Woogie Brain

3day bg 2

This module is all about getting the Boogie techniques deeper into your fingers and connecting them with your natural learning mechanisms. Plus, I’m going to guide you through the steps we need to get the blues scale onto the tips of the fingers and begin the journey of improvisation.

By the end of this module, you’ll feel more comfortable playing up and down the blues scale, you’ll have created your own Boogie Riff using the “Hunt for Gems” method, and you’ll even have your first “Ah-ha” moment with free improvisation.

 You’ll learn this and other brain-training strategies, such as…

  • 20 new “step-by-step” exercises to sprinkle additional Boogie Woogie bad-assery onto your new piano chops. These 20 small exercises will beef up your hand coordination even further. No traditional, old-school piano method can help you develop coordination as solid as these.
  • The 2 “bridge-the-gap” notes Boogie Woogie masters use to make traditional Boogie scales more sophisticated. These extra notes actually make the Boogie scale a little easier to play while simultaneously intensifying the “Boogie” feel in your fingers. 
  • The Fats Domino “chunky” technique that makes your true Boogie sound come alive. This tiny little stacking of right hand notes adds flair almost effortlessly, which is why pianists like Fats Domino and others of his generation loved it so much.
  • A rhythmic step BACK to propel your Boogie Woogie FORWARD. This little rhythm stutter adds layers of interest to each riff.
SPBW Mod 03
road (2)
SPBW Mod 04
spbw module 04 (1)

Getting That Authentic Boogie Sound

3day bg 2

Now we’ll open up so many more possibilities. I’m going to show you how to get that authentic Boogie sound by sticking to just one right hand position. It will build your spontaneity and unlock additional extended hand positions. 

You’ll get deep into that authentic Boogie sound you hear from pianists like Jools Hollan, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dr. John, and many others. Plus, you’ll discover…

  • How to sound as impressive as the pros with one simple cookie-cutter hand position. You’ll take the Boogie cookie-cutter and plop it on other chords which will suddenly make you sound more like a pro.
  • A 4-step process to string your riffs together so they’re seamless and effortless. You’ll engage your inner creativity like never before by piecing together these snippet-riffs in any order you wish.
  • How to turn your right hand into a full-throttle Boogie rhythm machine. All it takes is one 3-note pattern that easily hops between each of the 3 main Boogie Woogie chords.
spbw module 5

Unlock the Full Potential
Of the Right Hand

3day bg 2

Now we’ll link together the 3 magic right-hand positions, building solid connections between the brain and hands, and getting really comfortable with new levels of right-hand freedom.

By the end of this module, you’ll be playing your Boogie riff in 3 different positions, you’ll connect each of the 3 positions seamlessly, and you’ll be feeling more confident in your free improvisation.

You’ll discover so many fun things, such as…

  • A simple hand position that unlocks the deep Boogie Woogie groove. You’ll enjoy this grooving to this hand position so much, you won’t be able to stop swaying back and forth as you play.
  • How to let loose your right hand and move up and down the full breadth of the piano. You’ll knit together 2 additional Boogie hand positions for full-range fluidity.
  • How to connect your brain to your fingers. Creative Boogie ideas you hear in your head will now become realities in your fingertips.
road (4)
SPBW Mod 05
road (2)
SPBW Mod 06
spbw module 6

Inviting Intros, Epic Endings,
& Tasty Turnarounds

3day bg 2

Now we’ll zoom in on getting your Boogie Woogie pieces started, ended, and giving internal phrases a flair. You’ll spice up your 12-bar blues using simple turnarounds, you’ll love the way your intros, and especially the endings of your Boogie pieces sounds, and by now, you’ll probably even be having your first Booge Woogie dreams at night.

You’ll also discover…

  • How to use controlled improvisation to get all 3 Boogie positions to stick in your brain. It’s time to remove the training wheels of the “riff” and allow you to enter your full creativity. But don’t worry, you won’t even have to leave your comfort zone.
  • How to use each of your 3 basic Boogie hand positions in 3 exciting ways. That means, your 3 hand positions suddenly give you 9 different hand positions you can quickly use to create a more effortless, smooth sound.
  • How to start and end your Boogie Woogie songs with flare. From the start, you want to grab the attention of your listeners and get them excited. And you want to end with a bang! Now you’ll have all you need to all of this AND create irresistible turnarounds within your Boogies.
spbw module 7

Foot Tappin’ Boogie &
Tricks of the Pros

3day bg 2

You’ve come so far! Now that you’re starting to sound like the pros, where do you go from here? Now it’s time to take things up a final notch. 

Now we’re going to speed up your runs and expand upon your skills of improvisation. Plus, you’ll get your left-hand chop sounding even more incredible. And my personal favorite, actual riff transcriptions from the pros so you can play their favorite licks. 

You’ll also get several lessons on playing amazing runs using what I call the “falling down the stairs” method. We’ll start with a general theory of runs, and then get more complex to make you sound even more amazing. 

You’ll get some helpful “fallback chords” as well, so you have some additional chord options to spice up your Boogie Woogie even more.

***PLEASE NOTE: This module is still in development and will show up in your member's area in the next few weeks.

road (4)
SPBW Mod 07
further study (1)
road (2)

Now That Your Course Is Finished,
Here’s Where To Go Next!

further study (1)
Sit and Play Boogie Woogie Further Study 1 and 2 (1)

Advanced Boogie Woogie Left Hand Chops & Building Your Boogie Woogie Library (Riffs from the Pros)

3day bg 2

Once you’ve completed the 7-step journey on the Boogie Woogie Milestone Map, you may wonder… “what’s next?” Inside these Further Study modules, you’ll sink your fingers into additional Boogie Woogie Left-Hand chops to add even more variety and fun to your sound.

One is an intermediate left-hand chop, and the other is more advanced. I’ll show you how to apply these “chops” to everything you’ve learned so far in the course, opening up all kinds of fun possibilities as you continue to progress on your Boogie Woogie journey.

Plus, you'll get a selection of riffs from famous Boogie Woogie pieces. As you develop on your Boogie Woogie journey, you can build up a bank of riffs and licks so you can pull them out whenever you want and turn them into your own boogie.

Plus, When You Enroll, You Get These 5 FREE Bonus
Free Bonus
Masterclass #1
Your 5-Day “Get Started” Boogie-Woogie Masterclass
BW Bonus 1 (1)

If you’re a true beginner, you may want to begin with this bonus so you can set an even sturdier foundation for your Boogie Woogie

Value of $197
Free Bonus
Masterclass #2
Developing Natural Loosness, Hand Coordination, and Your Internal Boogie Woogie Feel
bonus spbw (3)

How to relaxe and exude the grace and natureleness of the pros. You’ll be in full rhythm control and make it look easy.

Value of 147
Free Bonus
Masterclass #3
How to Develop Speed Using the Tortoise Vs. Hare Method
bonus spbw (4)

How to play fast by playing slow so your playing doesn’t collapse as you increase your tempos.

Value of $97
Free Bonus
Masterclass #4
How to Break Through the “I Feel Stuck In A Rut” Wall
bonus spbw (2)

A blueprint to apply to any exercise you’re struggling with to break through the wall and free you up so you can enjoy playing again.

Value of $97
Free Bonus
Masterclass #5
Your Musical Heartbeat: Foundations of Rhythm and Pulse
bonus spbw (1)

Turning rhythm into a strength using my rhythm “grid.” Plus, we’ll work through exercises to help you feel the pulse with ease. You'll get deeper into the creative potential of rhythm so you quickly sound much more like a pro.

Value of $197

That's $735 worth of additional bonuses

testi quote 2
"I can't stop smiling!"

"I can't believe it.. absolute beginner with piano and today I managed the left hand and right hand riff together without any mistakes! Yeaaa I can't stop smiling! Many many thanks Josef. S:-)"

- Sheila
Sit & Play Boogie Woogie Student

Rosi Testimonial
"Amazing! So Motivating!"

"I'm really loving the Boogie Woogie course and am currently on Lesson 9, with a plan to go back over the lessons again before moving on.

"The lessons are amazing, so motivating, well explained, and broken down into nice small chunks.

"I thoroughly recommend the course."

- Rosi Hughes
Sit & Play Boogie Woogie Student

testi quote 2
"Getting better with my hand coordination"

This course has been a big help for me in not only learning the beginning of boogie woogie playing but getting better with my hand coordination. The lessons give me just enough material and exercises to practice each day.

- Richard
Sit & Play Boogie Woogie Student

What’s All This Cost?
Let’s Do a Little Piano Math…

Most teachers would NEVER let you learn Boogie Woogie.

And even if they did, you’d have to take 50 to 100 lessons before they let you near the stuff.

What would that cost you? 

testi quote 2
 "Brilliant lessons!"

"This has been such a brilliant set of lessons for me, which I feel have really paid off. It's made me focus on a particular task for a few days, slowing everything down, remembering to breathe, and having the 10-second breaks in between.

Also, I'm really finding that the gaps in my precision are gradually closing! Thank you again so much for these lessons!"

- Rosi
Sit & Play Boogie Woogie Student

In many places, a piano lesson costs anywhere from $30 to $50 per half-hour piano lesson. So, if you were to take 100 private lessons, what would that cost you? That’s anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 for 100 private lessons. 

So, you have a choice…

You can take the old route, get to playing fun Boogie Woogie eventually… like 4 years from now… and pay through the nose for lessons until then.

Or, you could ignore the traditional methods and traditional teachers and get right to the fun by enrolling in…

“Sit & Play Boogie Woogie” 20+ Hours of Step-by-Step Boogie Woogie Fun,
Along with Built-In “Play Along” Software Tools!

Inside each lesson, you can slow down every exercise and take it at your own pace. You get to play along with me and work on your creativity in a safe, secure environment with a helpful mentor. 

You get a more effective, more step-by-step series of tools delivered immediately to your computer. And you’ll get all the incredible head-turning music-playing tools mentioned above for…

Retail Price: $497!

But you’ll get immediate access when you UPGRADE your order now…

For HALF OFF, Only: $247!


NO long-term payments. NO surprises.

Just pure enjoyment for as long
as you want, at your own pace!

Get 100+ MORE Boogie Riffs Inside

“Sit & Play Boogie Woogie” Course!

Plus, a COMPLETE Boogie Woogie
Journey from Start to Finish

spbw course (1)
What You’re Getting Inside of “Sit & Play Boogie Woogie”
  • 20+ Hour Video Course (Over 100 Lessons): Your Complete, Full-Scale Boogie-Woogie Course ($1,997 Value)
  • Bonus Masterclass #1: Your 5-Day “Get-Started” Boogie-Woogie Masterclass ($197 Value)
  • Bonus Masterclass #2: Developing Natural Loosness, Hand Coordination, and Your Internal Boogie Woogie Feel ($147 Value)
  • Bonus Masterclass #3: How To Develop Speed Using The Tortoise Vs. Hare Method ($97 Value)
  • Bonus Masterclass #4: How To Break Through the “I Feel Stuck In A Rut” Wall ($97 Value)
  • Bonus Masterclass #5: Your Musical Heartbeat: Foundations of Rhythm and Pulse ($197 Value)
Total Value = $2,732
Get An Exclusive HALF OFF Deal ONLY for Members of the 5-Day Masterclass.
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blue music notes
blue music notes

Don’t Forget!

When You Upgrade, You’re 100% Covered With Your No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money-Back, “Boogie to the Bank” Guarantee!

Here’s my promise to you…

If you haven’t learned some really fun Boogie Woogie… if your hand coordination is not improving… if your sense of rhythm isn’t getting stronger… and if you still haven’t played at least one, slow, moving blues number with these Boogie Woogie techniques…

We’ll gladly send you back your money.

You have 30 days to go through the course and bonuses before you decide if you find it valuable.

If you’re not satisfied with the course for any reason, let us know so I can send you a refund.  

Sound fair?

Okay… Let’s Boogie!
Get An Exclusive HALF OFF Deal ONLY for Members of the 5-Day Masterclass.
Yours Today for Only $247!

(Pound Sterling available at checkout...)

testi quote 2
"You're course has given me confidence."

"As an elderly absolute beginner, your Boogie Woogie course has given me confidence and huge enjoyment.

"Now I'm hooked, where before, Prioritizing practice in a busy working day was a bit of a chore. My fingers are getting stronger, the patterns are jelling. It's almost a miracle! I love your life-changing skill, savvy, energy, and enthusiasm!"

- Barbara
Sit & Play Boogie Woogie Student

Brigitte Testiimonial
"I'm motivated, thanks to your way of teaching."

"This is quite an experience for me! I am 66 and never played piano before your 5 free Boogie Woogie lessons. I needed a while to go through it, but I did it and decided to go further.

"Now I'm out of my comfort zone! But I like it and I am motivated, thanks to your way of teaching. Thanks for bringing this excitement in my life."

- Brigitte Adriaensens
Sit & Play Boogie Woogie Student

testi quote 2
"Thank you so much for creating this wonderful course!"

"Your course is amazing, and your teaching is amazing as well!

"I've always felt passionate about wanting to play in a way that was fun and enjoyable, but have never succeeded, until now!

"After less than a week I'm on Module 2, Lesson 4 and loving every minute of it. I still need to work on speed and technique, but enjoying it so much!

"Your step by step method is perfect! I can't wait to play every day! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful course!"

- Jane Ellett
Sit & Play Boogie Woogie Student