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How 3 Simple Positions Unlock Entire
Worlds Of Creativity For Aspiring Pianists -

In Just A Few Minutes A Day!

No more confusion, overwhelm, or worrying about wrong notes. Simply enjoy the fun and freedom of making beautiful music you can be proud of that your family and friends will love!

Dear Creative,

If you want to experience the wonderful freedom of being able to sit and play piano music you're proud of… whenever and wherever you want… then this page will show you how.

Picture this…

You're in your room enjoying some private free time at the piano. Your spouse gently knocks and peeks in…

"That's good! What is that?" they ask, surprised.

"Oh, I'm just playing around," you smile.

Can you imagine how great that will feel?

So, what is the secret to confidently playing beautiful piano music even if you're a total beginner?

As soon as you discover the 3 simple positions and basic building blocks I've been teaching thousands of students of all ages… magic happens. There's really no other way to describe it.

josef sykora

Helps beginner pianists play beautiful music with confidence by discovering their inner musician.

Any aspiring pianist… whether you're a beginner or not… can master my 3-step system to playing beautiful piano music.

Here’s what my student Connie... a beginner pianist… has been able to do after a few short weeks in this program…

Play Video
quote green

"I’m 70 years old and have only been learning piano from videos and now from Creative Piano."

"The moment I heard this song I knew I wanted to learn it. It had a catchy melody with a toe tapping beat. I knew it would be a challenge with black notes and chording in the right hand and it was. But Josef always says, SIMPLIFY and break it down, and I did just that. I couldn’t wait to send it to Josef to show him my accomplishment. Your teaching is spot on and easy to follow. Your enthusiasm is inspiring!"


Connie Hale
Sit & Play Piano Student

All you need is about 10-15 minutes
a day of free "play time."

No more pinball-machine-bouncing around the U-toobs searching for what to do next.

No more in-person lessons where you probably already had the passion beaten out of you.

And no more overwhelming piano methods making you feel like you'll never sound good enough!

Before you know it, these tools will unlock your own unique voice of musical creativity.

In just a minute, I'm going to show you 5 transformational tools at the heart of my method. They've helped thousands of beginners go from knowing nothing to confidently playing piano for pleasure. And I'm going to show you how you can get all 5 of these tools-and many more-all in one convenient location.

But first, let me explain why this is…

Possibly The Most Unique, Unconventional,
and Effective Piano Method for Beginners!

In my 20+ years of teaching piano, I've seen everything… both in private 1-on-1 lessons and with my nearly 300,000 YouTube subscribers who've watched my videos nearly 11 million times.

What do they all have in common? Almost every one of them wishes they could just sit and play piano. 

You just want to be able to tinker around and feel good about what you're playing for yourself and for your family.

The problem is, you've either…

  1. Never touched a piano in your life…
  2. Always felt like you didn't have a musical bone in your body…
  3. Had lessons with an old-school teacher who made you feel dumb, or ashamed, or completely uninterested… who forced boring nursery rhymes upon you… or…
  4. You've been trying to figure it all out on your own… bouncing around the U-toob pinball machine without any real path to getting where you want to be or playing how you want to play.

It's not your fault. 

Even the most popular online piano courses don't have very realistic methods to get you where you want to be.

And without a clear path from start to finish… from zero to hero… it’s nearly impossible to get off the dizzying piano merry-go-round.

Testi Douglas Pew

"Such a powerful creativity method."

"I'm so impressed with Josef's method! I've been teaching music at the university level for 15+ years and have never seen such a powerful "creativity" method. Any aspiring pianist at any age or level of proficiency can make beautiful music using these lessons. I couldn't help but play along myself, even as a professional musician!

Josef doesn't just teach you to play piano. He teaches you real musical creativity, which is FAR more powerful!"

- Dr. Douglas Pew,
award-winning composer

Here’s a BIG secret none of the other piano methods teach…

You Don't Need To Learn To Play Other People's Songs
Note-for-Note to Become REALLY Good REALLY Fast

Testi Craig Miller

"A no-brainer."

"I'm progressing 10-times faster since using Josef's method. The organization of the material is excellent. I'm an expert in online education myself and what he's doing is great. He doesn't just teach you to play songs, he gives you formulas that allow me to do a lot more. Plus, the investment is a no-brainer. I can't see how anybody could ask for a refund because the quality is there."

- Craig Miller

In fact, I don’t teach you ANY songs note-for-note inside this course.

And that is one of the reasons why this method is SO powerful… especially for beginners.

“But, Josef, I want to learn how to play…”

  • “Don’t Stop Believing”
  • “Let It Be”
  • “Houses of the Rising Sun”
  • “Music Box Dancer”
  • “Truman Sleeps”
  • “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”

“Can’t you teach me how to play these songs?”

Of course I can!


I'm going to give you something
FAR more useful and FAR more effective...

Something that will practically guarantee your ongoing enjoyment. Something to give you confidence in your playing for years to come.

And this is a BIG reason why my method has helped so many thousands of aspiring musicians play beautiful, head-turning, melodic music.

You’re going to have the creative tools to make music using the same building blocks as your musical heroes… superstars like Adelle, The Beatles, Einaudi, Billy Joel, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Elton John, and many others

The key is to…

Stop Learning Songs! They’re Slowing You Down!
Instead, Learn These Basic Patterns and Positions.

Sure, I can teach you to play one song at a time. But then that’s all you’ll know how to do.

Instead of giving you a fish to eat when you’re hungry, I’m going to teach you how to fish so you can feed yourself forever.


Most teachers only show you how to play chords.
That’s it! But, what about the melody?

It’s the melody that really pulls you into a song and gets the music to stick in your head.

With my method, the ability to play powerful melodies is built into everything you’ll learn. Every pattern. Every chord progression. Every hand position. You literally can’t NOT play melodically when following this method.

With all the tools, patterns, positions, built-in melody mechanisms, and other techniques you’ll discover in this course… 

You can… very realistically… go from knowing NOTHING to turning heads every time you play.

Before you know it, you’ll love what you’re hearing. You’ll get so much enjoyment from your playing, you’ll lose track of time as your inner musician emerges bit by bit.

You’ll get into a creative flow and make your OWN sounds. Which means you’ll be playing the piano to please YOURSELF. Not to please or satisfy some stuffy old teacher.

Testi Donald Sinclair

"Very good value for the money."

"I took piano when I was a kid. But they wanted you to do exams and Mozart. I just wanted to play The Beatles and The Stones. Then, when lockdown came, I wanted to try again. I tried lots of the rubbish out there on YouTube. But I never saw anything or anybody do what Josef does.

He hits a note with me. He’s the sort of teacher I need. He’s like a primary school teacher. He reminds me of
that. He has that way with it. And you can slow down the exercises and see what’s coming next. I thought about going to get piano lessons, but a plumber is cheaper. Josef is very good value for the money."

- Donald Sinclair

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These 3 Simple Right-Hand Positions

Unlock the Entire Piano

To turn heads with your playing, you need to tap your inner creativity.

It may sound a little woo-woo and impossible for a beginner, right? Actually, it’s MUCH easier than it sounds.

"Can't believe I'm actually doing it."

“This really made your entire process click for me. Suddenly, I’m actually doing it–playing on the fly! It’s not Mozart, but my son loved it and asked me to “do it again.” I’m so proud of myself and can’t believe I’m actually doing it! As you say, it’s a wonderful feeling. Love your unique style, just what the doctor ordered.”

- David

All it takes is combining the 3 simple piano positions I’m going to teach you with a spoonful of persistence.

Actually, you really only need Positions #1 and #2. Position #3 is just icing on the cake.

These 3 positions contain the building blocks that gave birth to most of the famous piano songs you love. They're the ones songwriters like Paul McCartney and Adele use. But they're not the only ones. Yiruma and Einaudi use them to create those wonderful solo piano pieces and melodies too.

In fact, once you roll up your sleeves and feel these positions in your own fingers... your inner musician begins to emerge.

But maybe you’re thinking…

"Can this be for real?"
"Can it actually work for me?"

It's a fair question. 

You also might be thinking…

"Yeah, this won't work for me because…"

  • I’m not creative enough.
  • I’m not coordinated enough.
  • I’m too old.
  • Too stiff.
  • Too slow.

"…and I never thought of myself as being very musical at all."

I hear you. And that can be really frustrating.

But I want you to trust me for a minute. Because I've watched thousands of pianists go from the same worries to gaining real tangible skills. And they've done it MUCH faster than they thought possible.

The truth is…

You absolutely CAN learn to just sit and play beautiful music. Head-turning music. Melodic music you enjoy. Music your family and friends enjoy too.

Testi Alan McCormick

"Ideal for me, a total beginner."

"I always wanted to play, but never got around to it. When I decided to start, I found Josef on YouTube and liked his demeanor. He's so calm. I'm a total beginner. Like, 1 finger at a time. The main reason I like Josef is, he does little things, shows you some little routine. It can be very basic, which is ideal for me. And now I'm picking things up a lot quicker. I have lots of enjoyment. He adds one little new thing each time. It's a little bit added to the sauce, but it's very gradual, that's what I love about it. You get a basis, you add a little, then a little more. And now I can read music too, even the bass clef!"

- Alan McCormick

Let me assure you, you absolutely CAN learn to just sit and play beautiful music, head-turning music, melodic music you enjoy, and your family and friends enjoy too.

I'll show you exactly how in just a second.

But I want to point out that all these worries and questions… though valid… are essentially the WRONG questions to be asking yourself.

The really important question is…

Where do YOU want to be a year from now?

Do you still want to be stuck wishing you could sit and play piano with confidence?

Do you still want to feel like you’re too unmusical to deserve to play?

Do you still want your keyboard to be collecting dust?

Do you still want to be thinking to yourself… “someday”... every time you walk by your piano?

If a clear path to creative piano-playing appeared before your eyes… a method that could ACTUALLY help you play with confidence… would you take it and would you trust it?

Or, would it seem…

Too good to be true?

Let me show you exactly how I’m going to help you grow from beginner to confident, creative pianist… how to sit down at any piano and play beautiful, head-turning music on demand… music that flows freely from your own mind, into your fingers, and out into the world… no matter how little experience you’ve had in the past.

I’ve gone to considerable lengths to create an all-inclusive… take it at your own pace… brand-new… step-by-little-step course to give you the creative piano skills of your favorite songwriters.

Testi Maxine-Buller

"Wholeheartedly recommend."

"I like Josef better than other YouTube teachers. Most of them go too fast for me. But Josef, from the moment I watched him, he was very cheerful and not intimidating. He’s a born teacher, some people just really are. He takes things really slow.

Now I’m much better at reading music and I can play faster than I used to. I can pick up new exercises quicker than I used to and my ear is getting better. I wholeheartedly recommend Josef. He’s very encouraging. He really tries to find a way into it for everyone, even us old people whose fingers don’t move as well as they used to."

- Maxine Buller

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Sit & Play Piano

The Creative Path To Head-Turning Piano Playing for Beginners

Creative Piano Academy Sit and Play Piano banner

Now I’m going to show you 5 tangible reasons why the “Sit & Play Play” method is more effective for beginners (and even for intermediate pianists) that any other course on the market. 

To sum it up...

I don’t teach you piano.
I teach you to be a musician.

With these 5 tools, anyone, even total beginners can transform from wannabe pianists into creative musicians.

5 Ways “Sit & Play Piano” Course

Helps YOU Turn Heads…

Transformation Tool #1

3-Part Curriculum Cycle

tools 01 (1)

Throughout the course, you won’t just be force-fed a bunch of knowledge and then have to figure it out on your own. With each big concept, I take you through a simple 3-part cycle to get the music into your fingers. You’ll…

  1. Learn the musical concept…
  2. Play beautiful music using the concept…
  3. Use the concept to create your own beautiful music and even enter a creative flow.

Then we simply add a new musical ingredient every time we repeat the cycle. Without this simple cycle, you’d only learn the basic techniques. You’d never have enough to actually use them or let the music be part of you.

Transformation Tool #2

Songwriter’s Secret Code

All great songwriters use this secret code of excellence. But it works just as well for pianists–and especially beginner pianists! Because you haven’t been locked into years of intense hand mechanics that almost always keep top-notch pianists from tapping their full creativity.

With each new pattern I teach, I encourage you to (1) create something new, then really (2) learn to play it, and then (3) throw it away. And then do it again and again to exercise your “creativity” muscles.

Transformation Tool #3

Follow-Along Visuals

tools video spp (1)

Many piano methods show the hands from above. But “Sit & Play Piano” goes MUCH further. You get to follow along visually in each lesson with…

  • Overhead visuals of my hands…
  • Colored digital keyboard notes so you can see exactly which notes I strike…
  • A sustain pedal indicator light…
  • Chord symbols so you can start thinking about harmony…
  • Notation of every note I play so you can begin or continue your musical literacy.

You couldn’t get even half of this visual information in a traditional in-person lesson.

Transformation Tool #4

Jammin’ With Josef

This might be my favorite, and possibly the most powerful “transformation tool” of all. 

At the end of almost every short video lesson, I provide a “Play Along” session. This is where you get to try your hands at what you just learned. 

But you don’t have to figure it out alone. I play along with you and give you extra tips as we go. You follow along on-screen to see exactly what I play at each and every moment. As we play together, your creativity will go into hyper-drive.

Plus, you can slow it down or speed it up. You can even loop those difficult-to-play sessions and practice however you like, all in your own time.

Transformation Tool #5

“Real Musician” Roadmap

spp tools map (1)

Aren’t you tired of pinging around U-Toob like a pinball machine trying to find an actual path? How do you know what to do first, second, third, and beyond?

Sure, you can keep enjoying the free tutorials. But there’s no substitute for a clear, direct path from start to finish. And this is what you find in the “Real Musician” Roadmap.

If you follow each step I lay out, you will gain the confidence and ability to sit and play piano whenever and wherever you want.

Take a listen to Michal Ferlas. Michal began using these tools inside Sit & Play Piano with very little experience. This is what he managed to achieve using these tools after just 1 month inside this course.

Here we have an exercise taken from module 2 which is aimed at familiarising you with our chords in the left and our very first position in the right hand. Its also how we build coordination through playing real music.

Play Video

Michal Ferlas
Sit & Play Piano Student

music notes (1)

Your Yellow Brick RoadMap

To Creative Piano Oz!

Are you ready to click your heels and finally feel at home making beautiful music at the piano?

Let me show you how I’ll take you from brand-new beginner to confident, creative pianist. It’s all inside the 8 modules, 73 lessons, and 6 FREE bonus modules of the “Sit & Play Piano” course.

Your Journey

Module 1

Laying the Foundation of Free Creativity

In the opening module, you’ll get started on this creative piano path with liberating fundamentals including…

  • An incredibly freeing hand placement ensuring you never play a wrong note: assuming you stick to this particular hand position, which is very easy to do. 
  • The 2-finger “power” chords so easy, any arthritis-riddled old hand can play them. Plus, these simple combinations provide satisfying colors to your new piano patterns. And you can play them together in any possible combination without any chance of playing a wrong note!  
  • An 8-note right-hand go-to pattern you can count on to launch your own engaging melodies. Plus, this go-to pattern practically ensures your melodies will be much more musical than the average tune.
SPP Mod 1 (1)
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SPP Mod 2 (1)
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Module 2

Chord & Melody Building Blocks

Balancing the two sides of music–the chords and the melody–can be tricky. Keeping your movements fluid and musical, yet not stiff, is yet another challenge of piano playing. That is until you learn to use my right piano building blocks, such as…

  • Proper shoulder and arm positions to avoid muscle spasms and over-tiredness. Actually, the problem often starts with the wrong type of wrist motion. I’ll show you how to avoid the issue altogether.
  • Why sounding “plonky” at this early stage is a really GOOD sign. Don’t worry, you’ll soon smooth any rough patches in your playing as you continue using these building blocks.
  • A 3-step creativity tool to awaken the slumbering musical giant within you. Plus, you’ll get to use my “imagination barometer” to know if this tool is working to its full capacity.
  • One of the best ways to train your musical ear. Even better in some ways than the years of rigid ear-training classes music academy graduates suffer through. This method is often more powerful because it has nothing to do with rigid rules or hard work.
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Module 3

Creating Your Own Melodic Piano Patterns

As you get familiar with the building blocks we use in “Sit & Play Piano,” you’ll soon be ready to create patterns of your own. That’s the great thing about them. They provide infinite combinations, all of which fit right into the simple hand positions you’ll begin mastering. Inside this module, we’ll further your progress with many new discoveries, including…

  • How to develop your own unique creative sense at the piano. It begins by following a few simple steps to come up with your own left-hand progressions. With these new patterns, you’ll instantly multiply the number of fresh new sounds you can create. You’ll even gain a sense of which to use at certain times, and which to save for later.
  • The three stages required to enter the creative flow with ease–even if you’ve never felt you were a very creative person. These stepping stones are your fail-safe passage to head-turning music at whatever level of skill or confidence you find yourself. 
  • How to create hooks, punchy riffs, and melodic bits and bobs that stick in the mind and ear. These and other songwriting secrets will help free you from the rigidness of traditional piano lessons and let your inner musician take flight.  
SPP Module 3 New (1)
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SPP Module 4 (1)
Module 4

Leaving Your “Beginner” Sound Behind

Now it’s time to add the wonders of emotion into your playing. In this module, you’ll discover…

  • My “cliff” and “mountain” techniques to help you play with emotion and fluidity. These are two of the fastest ways to stop sounding plonky and start generating wonderful “musical feels” on the piano–even if you’re a beginner. Use these and expect to get some “WHOAH” looks from listeners. 
  • Songwriter secrets any beginner can use to catapult your sound to the next level in a hurry. HINT: If this doesn’t give you a headache at first, you’re doing it wrong!
  • How to get right to the heart of what draws people into your music. With these easy-to-use patterns, any beginner can skip right to the core of their listener’s emotions with little to no traditional practice.
  • A somewhat silly exaggeration technique opening new avenues of “pro” sounds in your playing. You may not want anyone to hear you play like this at first. But after a few tries, you’ll get more and more “wow” comments from friends and family.  
  • How to quickly transform tedious techniques into powerful emotions. This is where the magic happens! As you combine these two keys to creativity, you’ll hear where the music wants to take you and you’ll be amazed at the sounds coming out of your fingers.
  • Two of my favorite ways to create the “Ooooo-Aaaahhh” feeling in your music that sparks internal butterflies. One is an “alternate” chord I love so much! The other is a terrible tease almost guaranteeing your listener keeps their ears glued to every last note you play. 
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Module 5

Moving Across the Keys with Ease

Now it’s time to get your right-hand gliding effortlessly up and down those keys. You’re going to look professional, sound professional, and have heaps of fun as you add these freeing techniques to your playing. Techniques such as…

  • The most beautiful and useful chord there is. This is a particular favorite of mine. It works wonders for me in my music and in some of the most popular songs of all time. Now it’s yours to enjoy!
  • My go-to melodic hand position giving me a constant stream of melody ideas. It may sound strange, but simply placing my hand on the keyboard in this position unlocks all kinds of melodic potential in my playing. You can’t go wrong with it!
  • A gliding thumb trick making you far more flexible in a flash. It works even better with a slight turn of the wrist. If you can turn a doorknob, you can master this in a hurry.
  • A “weak finger” power pattern to strengthen finger independence. If you ever feel like your stiff fingers are glued together, this will unstick them and get them moving with freshly greased hinges.
  • The simple chords used in some of the best songs ever written and how you can easily play them at will. WARNING: At first you’ll be tempted to use too many of these chords. Resist this urge. You really only need a few “just right” chords to begin playing music that sounds as good as your favorite hits.
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SPP Module 5 (1)
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SPP Module 6 (1)
Module 6

Unlocking the Entire Piano

In this final part of “Sit & Play Piano,” you’re really going to explore yourself as the musician you are. All the brick-by-brick work you’ve done up to now will suddenly emerge as a beautifully finished building of musicianship. It may surprise you just how much it all comes together with this final step on your journey. You’ll discover…

  • How to make musical jewels appear in your playing almost on command, like little shimmering lights. It may sound a little “woo-woo,” but as you continue experimenting with the building blocks the way I’ll demonstrate, it will ignite the musical shivers within you.
  • My “forget yourself” and just PLAY exercises. This is where craft and creativity blast off like fireworks. All the positions and techniques and tutorials suddenly begin setting you free to generate music you will be proud of.
  • A process for entering a musical flow you can rely on. This is where you can mine for musical ideas and use them to create your own wonderful works of musical art.
  • 3 “pillar” principles taking you from hand patterns to real pieces of music. Now your music will become conversational. You’ll create powerful sounds connecting you with your listeners on an emotional level the way the biggest bands in the world do. All with 3 little pillars you’re finally ready to explore.
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Further Study 1

How to Play In Any Key

After completing parts 1 through 6, you’ll have the ability and the freedom to play music your family and friends will love. And in this first “Further Study” section, I’ll show you how to use what you’ve learned and apply it to any other key.

We’ll begin in G major and D major, but you’ll have everything you need to continue expanding into other key areas… wherever your newfound spirit of creativity moves you.

yellow bricks 2
Futher Study 01 (1)
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yellow brick (1)
Futher Study 02 (1)
Further Study 2

How to Unlock New Worlds of Expression in 6/8 Time

Now it’s time to expand your horizons even further and open up whole new soundscapes of possibility. All this and more is possible simply by adding a new musical meter to the mix. In this final “Further Study” section I’ll show you how to apply everything you’ve learned to this point in the time signature of 6/8.

It is a lovely, lilting, even comforting time signature. It’s all very simple, yet your emotional playing potential will nearly double simply by adding this new time signature to your toolkit.

Plus, You Get These

6 FREE Bonuses!

spp bonuses (3)

Josef’s “Rough and Ready” Get Started Guide to the Piano

($197 Value)

If you’ve never touched a keyboard before in your life, this is for you. Here are 3 “get started” lessons to equip you with the core skills you need to move into the main “Sit & Play Piano” course.

In this mini-course, I’ll make sure you have everything you need. You learn about basic hand positions, fingering, the notes on the piano, how to get your fingers moving, and how to use the sustain pedal, and much more.

spp bonuses (1)

Let’s “FEEL” the Rhythm (Intro to Rhythm & Pulse)

($197 Value)

It’s one thing to know where to put your hands on a keyboard to make beautiful music. It’s another thing to get into the flow of musical timing. That's why I’ve put together this complete 8 lesson course, to help you get into the groove of musical rhythm and pulse.

Inside you’ll turn rhythm into a strength using my rhythm “grid.” Plus, we’ll work through exercises to help you feel the pulse with ease. You'll get deeper into the creative potential of rhythm so you quickly sound much more like a pro.

spp bonuses (6)

Your “Hand” Independence Masterclass

($97 Value)

Getting your hands to work independently is difficult for most aspiring pianists. Inside this masterclass I’ll give you several exercises to unlock your hand coordination. Pretty soon each hand will work its musical magic without worrying what the other hand is doing.

spp bonuses (4)

Your “Finger” Independence Masterclass

($97 Value)

Like hand independence, getting your fingers to work individually and collectively can be pretty tough. Especially if you’re a brand-new beginner. In this masterclass I’ll help you get your fingers working like a well-oiled machine firing on all cylinders.

spp bonuses (5)

Sight Reading
Resource Library

($27 Value)

New to reading music on the staff? Not sure where to being? Worry no longer. This sight-reading resource library will quickly get you up to speed reading notes in both your left and right hands.

spp bonuses (2)

The Creative Flow Companion Guide

($97 Value)

Working to play with free flowing creativity can be overwhelming. In this “jam session,” I'll help you shake off the worry and frustration of free creativity. As we play together, everything will begin to click. You'll glide into the wonderful freedom of just being able to sit and play.

online vs normal piano (1)

So, what would it cost if you wanted to get this kind of helpful instruction from traditional sources?

Well, you could enroll in a…

Music Academy or University

for $5,000 up to $30,000 a year.

Ouch! But it would be quite overwhelming and very intense. Not the kind of environment that breeds the joy and wonder of creative music-making you want to have.

Or, you could enroll in…

Private Lessons

for $50 a week, $2,500 a year.

Yikes! But you’d probably end up having the passion of making music beaten out of you. Perhaps this happened to you as a kid? Perhaps an even bigger issue is, you’d start playing to please someone else, your teacher. And the enrollment dues for “Sit & Play Piano” would only get you about 6 weeks of traditional piano lessons anyway. And I guarantee you, 6 weeks of traditional piano lessons won’t even scratch the surface of the progress and confidence you’ll get inside this course.

Or, you could ignore traditional methods and enroll in…

arrow-down orange

“Sit & Play Piano” Course

16+ Hours of Kind, Expert, Step-by-Step Guidance Along
with Built-In “Play Along” Software Tools!

Creative Piano Academy Package (1)

Inside each lesson you can slow down every exercise and take it at your own pace. You get to play along with me and work on your creativity in a safe, secure environment with a helpful mentor. You get a more effective, more step-by-step series of tools delivered immediately to your computer. And you’ll get all the incredible head-turning music-playing tools mentioned above...

For Only: $497!

  • NO long-term payments.
  • NO surprises.

Just pure enjoyment for as long
as you want, at your own pace!

What You're Inside of

“Sit & Play Piano”

Creative Piano Academy Sit and Play Piano banner

16+ Hour Video Course:

Expert, Step-by-Step Guidance and Additional “Play Along with Josef” Practice Sessions  ($1,997 Value)

Bonus 1:

Josef’s “Rough and Ready” Get Started Piano Guide  ($197 Value)

Bonus 2:

Let’s “FEEL” the Rhythm (Intro to Rhythm & Pulse) ($197 Value)

Bonus 5:

Sight Reading Resource Library ($27 Value)

Bonus 3:

Your “Hand” Independence Masterclass ($97 Value)

Bonus 4:

Your “Finger” Independence Masterclass
($97 Value)

Bonus 6:

Sit & Play Piano Companion Guide ($97 Value)

Total Value = $2,709

Still Not Sure?

Let Me Take All The Risk…

Here’s Your No-Questions-Asked 100%
Money-Back ‘Happiness’ Guarantee

josef sykora creative piano academy (1)

Here’s my promise to you…

The “Sit & Play Piano” course will help you go from a brand new beginner to a confident, creative pianist. One who can sit and play any piano and create beautiful music. You have everything you need right here in this course.

I guarantee you’ll see BIG results… that is, if you actually use the “Sit & Play Piano” program. I can’t practice the patterns and musical methods for you. But I’ve given you everything you need, and much more!

As soon as you enroll, you’ll get an email giving you complete and immediate access to all the videos and tools. All you have to do is put them to use and sit back to enjoy the results.

And if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason…

…just let my and my team know with a quick email to support @ creativepianoacademy.com within 30 days of purchase and we’ll send you a full refund.

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This Is a 30-Day

Money-Back Guarantee

Which means you have 30 days to go through the course and bonuses before you decide if you find it valuable.

If you’re not satisfied with the course for any reason, let us know so I can send you a refund.

Sound fair?

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Total Value = $2,709

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So, Now It’s Time To Decide…

Where Do You Want To Be
A Year From Now?

Do you still want to feel unmusical and unworthy to play the piano?

Do you still want to be trying to plunk out songs but not really sure you're making progress?

Do you still want to be hiding, only playing when your headphones are on so nobody will hear you?


Do you want to be playing for pleasure and even serenading your family from time to time?

Do you want to finally step into the creativity yearning to emerge from your inner musician?

How much longer do you want to be wishing you’d found a way to play with confidence?

How much longer do you want to feel embarrassed instead of feeling enjoyment when you play?

I’ve seen thousands of pianists just like you put the “Sit & Play Piano” method to use. I’ve seen over and over how effective this method really is.

The only thing keeping you from this transformation is your consistent use of these lessons.

All you need is 10-15 minutes a day.

Within the first few lessons, you’ll start sounding MUCH better than you ever have.

And you’ll finally begin feeling the FREEDOM that comes as a result of this piano-through-creativity method.

To get started on this wonderful journey of piano creativity, click one of the buttons below. You can enroll today for a one-time low enrollment commitment, or a 3-month installment plan agreement.

I can’t wait for you to experience the joy “Sit & Play Piano” has already brought to thousands!

Of course, the choice is yours.

Once you begin, I’d love for you to send us an email at support @ creativepianoacademy.com to let us know what you think of the course.

See you on the inside,

Josef Sykora

P.S. There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever that you cannot turn heads when playing the piano.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how stiff, or how many times you’ve tried and failed before.

When you follow the incredibly freeing 3-step piano method inside the “Sit & Play Piano” course, you cannot go wrong. In fact, you can’t even play a wrong note… even if you try, as I prove to you in the very first section of this course!

Because each pattern I give you… each 3-step creativity cycle… they are all designed to help you be fully in “play” mode. You won't EVER have to worry you’re playing something wrong.

And just a few days from now, you very realistically could be playing music you never thought you could… right from the creativity of your own mind.

If you’re ready to join thousands of beginners like you... if you're ready to discover the real musician within through these wonderful step-by-step methods... then go ahead and click the “Enroll” button below.

I’ll be with you every step of the way!

In “Sit & Play Piano”
Creative Piano Academy Sit and Play Piano banner

Total Value = $2,709

Enroll today for one payment of $497
Or, three monthly payments of $187.

Testi Angela Henson

"Totally recommend this dude!"

“I love the way Josef breaks it down into little chunks. It makes me feel a lot more comfortable playing. And he doesn’t jazz it up. He just gets on with it. He’s not showing off his own skill. I mean, yeah, the dude can really play. But it was kind of a surprise because he just teaches, he doesn’t show off.

"I’ve already got so much out of it. And it’s so reasonably priced. Totally recommend this dude!”

- Angela Henson