Day 1

Let’s play a piano game!


Welcome to the game!

Here’s the first piece of the game.

You only need your right hand and the sustain pedal to play with this game piece.

First, I want you to find middle C on your piano… than find the C an octave above… and put your 2nd finger (your index finger) on it.

Notice how, with your index finger on C, your thumb naturally lays on top of the B next to it. Nice and easy. 

We’re going to focus on the B, the C, and one more note today. 

As you keep your 2nd finger on the C above middle C, and your first finger (your thumb) sitting gently on the B, notice that your 5th finger (your pinky) is sitting either on top of, or very close to the F or G above.

Open your hand ever so slightly and gently so your 5th finger is sitting on top of the G.

Now, as you look at your relaxed right hand, see the B, the C, and the G sitting beneath your 1st, 2nd, and 5th fingers. Like this…

You’ll all setup, and now it’s time to start experimenting.

As you keep your right hand relaxed lying atop these 3 keys, I want you to close your eyes. Feel the keys beneath your fingers. And now extend your right foot and hold down the sustain pedal.

All set?


Now, just start playing around with those 3 notes. Pedal down. Play around in any order. As fast or slow as you want.

Maybe try them in order… B-C-G. Then mix it up a bit… C-C-B-G. Or… G-B-G-B-C-C-G.

And so on.

In your own time… keeping your eyes closed… and with a sense of play and discovery… try out all sorts of combinations.

Use repetition. Try longer notes. Shorter notes. Try putting just 2 of the notes together in different orders. And then a different group of two.

Just play.

Take a minute or two and let your fingers go wherever you fancy.

Enjoy the freedom of expression. Enjoy the lovely crunch between B and C. Hear the wide open spaces between B and G, and between C and G. Try all 3 together at the same time. 

Just go for it… and have some fun. That’s all you need to do today.

And don’t worry if it all sounds a little too “simple.” That’s kinda the point. And in another day or two it will sound really nice. Stick with me. I promise you’re going to enjoy the music you’re going to make with this game.

Now, tomorrow, we’re going to take this right hand game one step further. We’re also going to add one single note in the left hand to fill it out a bit. It’s going to sound really nice.

And remember, on Friday, I’ve got something special to share. So I hope you’ll keep up with me as we play this game throughout the week.

Alright, I’ll leave you to it.

I hope you enjoy this 1st part of our little piano game.

Have fun!


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