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The best Beatles bass line isn’t something that everyone will agree on, but I definitely have my favorite.

I want to peel back the layers of this song and show you how Paul wrote the best Beatles bass line – and we’re going deep!

You’ll learn:

  • The three almost ‘invisible’ skills that Paul used to create this bass line
  • How you can use these skills when you’re creating your own bass lines
  • Why skill #3 is probably THE most important (the entire bass line was built around this skill)

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There are also two very curious things about this bass line. Firstly, Paul didn’t actually write this particular song – George Harrison was responsible for this one.

And even more interesting is that according to the Beatles’ recording engineer for this song, George at one point was telling Paul that he needed to ‘greatly simplify’ what he was playing.

But the bass line that ended up on the recording is fairly busy and active, so who knows whether Paul ignored the request, or whatever he was playing before he was asked to simplify was even busier and more complex.

Whatever the case may be, the best Beatles bass line – along with the song as a whole – ended up being truly iconic, and hopefully, you can use some of the ideas in the lesson when you go to create your own bass lines.

Good luck with the lesson and happy playing!



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