Day 2

Step 2 of our little piano game


Welcome to Day 2 of our little game this week.

Here’s what I want you to do.

First, get your hand in place over the same 3 keys… B-C-G… an octave above middle C. Like this…

Now, I want us to use these 3 notes in a specific pattern.

Rather than playing any of the keys in any order, I want you to make a group of 6 notes in this order…


Hold down your sustain pedal, and then play these 6 notes in a nice easy group. 

Then, pause for a moment. Take a breath. And do it again.


Go at any speed.

Don’t worry about keeping good time.

Just play this continuous grouping of 6 notes in the same order… each time with a pause and a breather between them.

Easy peasy.

Try this a few times. Stay relaxed. Close your eyes. Try the 6 notes at different speeds. Maybe keep them all the same length. And then maybe try holding each note for different lengths. But always keep them in the same order… B-C-G-B-C-G.

And then… whenever you’re ready… take the thumb of your left hand and play a C below middle C… like this…

Now we are going to play both hands together… but don’t fret. Let’s keep things nice and steady.

All you are going to do is strike the C at the beginning of each cycle of the 6-note right-hand pattern. You can think of it as striking the C in the left with the first B in the right.

Then keep repeating this and get a nice feel for it.

Can you hear how it fills out the sound quite a bit?


Well, that’s all you need to do today.

But have fun with it. Enjoy how easy it is. Because this is going to get really fun once we add our 3rd piece of the puzzle tomorrow… which is more left-hand involvement.

It’s all adding up to our big surprise on Friday!

Speak soon,


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