Day 3

Magic will happen today as we add MORE left-hand notes


Are you ready for Day 3 of our game?

Okay, let’s get started.

Get your right hand set on the B-C-G just like yesterday. We should be getting fairly familiar with this by now.

Now, you’re going to use the same 6-note pattern… the B-C-G-B-C-G… and you’re going to pick one of 3 left hand notes to go along with it.

Find the F below middle C on the piano… and then go down to the next F… like you see in the image below.

Place the 5th finger of your left hand (little finger) on the F. As you do, you’ll notice how your 4th finger naturally hovers over the G. And your third hovers over the A. 

Now, for each 6-note pattern of B-C-G-B-C-G in the right hand, pick one of these 3 left-hand notes… F-G-A.

And play a left-hand note at the beginning of each pattern cycle.

So, for example, play the left hand F while you play your 6-note right-hand pattern.

Then, do the same again, but this time try the G in the left hand.

And then do it once more with the A in the left hand.

Each time you change the left-hand note, lift and reset that sustain pedal. Don’t worry about perfect pedal technique. Just lift and press again when you change that left-hand note.

Don’t those notes sound great with our 6-note right-hand figure? I love it!

It sounds like you could write a whole song with just those options.

You’ll see that I’ve also got that left-hand C there from yesterday. Feel free to add that into the mix. But the main thing today is to play with the F-G-A of the left hand.

Now, go ahead and experiment with this. Take your time. Play any of the 3 new left-hand notes at random underneath each cycle of our 6-note right-hand pattern… B-C-G-B-C-G.

Keep it spontaneous. Try a few slow. Try a few a little faster. Try some fast and slow. And mix around which of the left hand notes you try each time.

Sit back, sink your fingers in, and enjoy the beautiful harmony you’re creating by adding the left hand notes.

Let your intuition be your guide. Just play. Combine these elements in different ways.

Can you hear how… even though this is a very prescriptive group of notes… you can start to make it your own?

That’s the beauty of these simple patterns. When you put them together, magic happens. And as you experiment with them, playing them as you fancy, you start bringing out the music that’s already inside you.

Ah, I just love how this pattern sounds! I hope you’re loving it too.

And here’s the fun part. I’ll be revealing how I personally play this pattern on Friday. That way you can see how far you’ve come. And you can see how we do things similarly, and differently. 

But first, we need to add the 4th element of our piano game. And that’s what you can look forward to tomorrow.

Keep enjoying this fun piano pattern, and I’ll see you in the morning (or whatever part of the day it is for you) 

Speak soon,


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