Day 4

Making our game more melodic


Welcome to Day 4 of our little piano game.

Here’s what I’d like you to try today.

Get your left hand in place, just like you had it yesterday. But don’t play anything quite yet.

Now, place your right hand where we’ve been playing all week with your 2nd finger on the C above middle C.

We’re going to use the same 3 notes… B-C-G… but now we’re going to add the E into the mix.

Depending on your hand size and shape, you can use either your 3rd or 4th finger on the E. Whatever’s more comfortable for you.

Just play with those right-hand notes for a minute while your left hand hovers over its notes.

Can you hear how melodic this pattern becomes with this 4th note in the mix? Pretty nice, right?

Now, just play with that for a bit. And when you’re ready… in your own time… start adding any of the left-hand notes we’ve been playing with.

Take your time. Try different combinations. Skip around through the designated notes. And maybe even try different groupings. Maybe 2 notes here, 2 more there. Mix and match and see what interesting kind of sounds you can create with this stack of simple patterns.

The goal is to just have a fun, free, enjoyable time making lovely sounds with these notes and patterns.

Let that inner musician out. 

I can’t wait to hear how you’re enjoying this!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s email when I’ll reveal how I play this pattern. And I’ll show you how you can use all these elements from today to play a beautiful piece of music you’ll love. The kind that turns heads anywhere.

Speak soon,


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